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2013 MLB Draft: Just Getting Started

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2013 Draft: RHP Ryne Stanek (Arkansas) (via PerfectGameBaseball)

High school showcase and tournament season is upon us. The summer college leagues are in full swing and players are starting to shake into the place they will sit over the winter prior to finding their final spot about a year from now.

It is really early and I have only seen most of the high school guys once or twice. Some I have seen half a dozen times and some I have yet to get a good read on. There are quite a few of you guys who see these guys more than me, so feel free to chime in with your thoughts on players. We all see different things and we can all learn from each other.

The Under Armour Game and PG All American game will be played later this summer. The Prospect Classic will be as well where we will see the best college and High School kids on the same field. A lot will be seen at those events but this is what I have right now.

Like I said, this is very preliminary and just a rough ranking. I'm sure I have a lot of guys far from where I will have them in spring and I don't have all the notes for each player here. Just some of my notes for some of the players. Feel free to mention players not listed or add your thoughts. More detailed reports and more updates will be coming on many of these guys over the next year, but this will get the conversation started.

Name, Pos, Team

Ryne Stanek, P, Arkansas

One of the best college pitches I have seen over the last 3 years.

Kris Bryant, 1B, San Diego

Huge improvement as a sophomore. Usable power to all fields. Good bat. Likely a 1B but the bat will play there.

Jeremy Martinez, C, Mater Dei

Austin Hedges has recieved rave reviews for his defensive prowess behind the plate out of high school. Before that it was Max Stassi. Next in this line is Jeremy Martinez. He is very advanced with his actions defensively and knows what he is doing at the plate as well. He has a balanced easy swing that stays in the zone for a long time. He doesn't have huge power but he could develop above average power while hitting a ton of doubles in the mean time. I think he will hit for average and be a solid backstop for a long time.

Austin Wilson, OF, Stanford

Wilson also turned down a large sum out of high school to attend Stanford. Wilson is a physical specimen and looks the part of a future superstar standing 6'5" and 245 pounds. He is athletic, has a rocket arm, huge raw power that is translating into usable power and doesn't strike out a ton. His swing can get long but all power hitters that use their long levers for power tend to do this.

Justin Williams, OF, Terrebonne

A little Jason Heyward. Has a ton of potential. Could be a solid RF option. I doubt he sticks at 3B.

Dominic Smith, 1B, Serra

big power, nice swing that should create decent average and huge power. Up to 92 on the mound with a nasty slider from the left side. Really good player.

Robert Kaminsky, P, St Joseph Regional (Montvale)

Plus breaking ball, 90-94 fastball. Polished easy delivery. Great arm. Even has some cut on his FB

Austin Meadows, OF, Grayson

Big swing, big power potential, looks the part.

Clinton Hollon, P, Woodford County

easy 92-94. Short and not overly physical but could add 20 LBS. 78 MPH breaking ball with an 82 MPH slider. FB was straight but is very good.

Karsten Whitson, P, Florida

Whitson was polished out of high school and turned down $2.1 million to attend Florida. It looks like that choice will pay dividends as he should go in the top 3 picks. He has 3 average to plus pitches with a low to mid 90's fastball with very good movement, a nice breaking ball and a good change already. He cuts off his delivery by not following thru, but that is about the only knock against him.

Bobby Wahl, P, Mississippi

Wahl has all the stuff to be a #2/3 starter in the big leagues. He has good poise, command and 3 solid pitches.

Zack Collins, C, American Heritage

big bat speed, power potential. Reminds me of Texiera a bit.

Brian Ragira, 1B, Stanford

Ragira is a bit inconsistent but has a lot of potential at the plate. A lot of his value will be if he can play a position well besides 1B.

Chris Okey, C, Eustis

nice all around player. he can really hit and really defend.

Aaron Judge, OF, Fresno State

Enormous human. He can really hit and moves well for his size. He reminds me a lot of Kyle Blanks due to that. Had a couple impressive games last season but needs to be consistent.

Dominic Ficociello, 1B, Arkansas

Ficociello is a much better athlete than you would think for a college 1B. He isn't C.J. Cron that is for sure. He was a high school SS and could potentially play 3B at the next level. Wherever he plays, the bat will work. He has a smooth line drive swing, makes great contact, works counts and can hit a few out of the park. He won't be a prototypical 1B but could be above average there or be a great 3B if a team tries him there.

Colin Moran, 3B, North Carolina

Sweet swinging, atheltic with MLB bloodlines. Could be a decent 3B or a gold glove type 1B.

Jonathan Crawford, P, Florida

Electric stuff. Pitched well enough to surpass Whitson as the best sophomore arm on Florida. Junior year will tell whether that is a more permanent position or not.

Dylan Covey, P, San Diego

Former 1st rder was better this year but still inconsistent. Next season will show a lot but, at worst, he could be a dominant bullpen arm.

Reese McGuire, C, Kentwood

nice swing, nice power potential. Good approach at the plate.

Sheldon Neuse, SS, Keller Fossil Ridge

Great swing, athlete. Reminds me a bit of Grant Green.

Austin Kubitza, P, Rice

Low 90's with a great slider and a change that shows plus potential. A #2/3 type starter potentially.

Ryan Eades, P, Louisiana State

Fastball in the low 90's with a plus slider and a good change, he could be a #2/3 starter.

Michael Lorenzen, OF, Cal State Fullerton

Whether he is a CF with a solid bat or a closer who can run it up to 98 with a plus slider, he could be a 1st rounder.

Adam Plutko, P, UCLA

More of a command and control than a dominant arm, but he is a solid #3/4 MLB starter.

Clint Frazier, OF, Loganville

Crazy bat speed. Short swing. Huge arm. Great player.

Kramer Robertson, SS, Midway

Amazing defense at SS. Can hit well too. Not a ton of power.

Cord Sandberg, OF,

Very good two sport kid. Kind of raw but a ton of potential.

Jan A Hernandez, SS, Carlos Beltran Academy

Big SS/3B type. Looks like a sure fire 1st rounder.

Conrad Gregor, OF, Vanderbilt

Sweet lefty swing but not as much power as you would like from a 1B.

Jacoby Jones, OF, Louisiana State

Athletic 2B will likely be a CF in pro ball. Needs to step up and show that he isn't just an athlete and can play ball.

Christopher Rivera, SS, El Dorado

lanky, slow trigger but good contact ability. Easy. Plus speed. Nice MIF prospect.

AJ Puk, P, Washington

big projectable lefty

Josh Dezse, P, Ohio State

Power. On the mound, at the plate, he is powerful. Can touch 100 and hit a ball 450' at any time. Needs to gain consistency at one or the other.

Jake Fraley, OF, Red Lion Christian Academy

Good speed, very good arm. Can hit well. All around very solid player.

Zach Farmer, P, Piketon

Low 90's fastball with a lot of potential.

Oscar Mercado, SS, Gaither

Not a lot of power but solid defensively. Good talent all around but nothing stands out as huge.

D.J. Peterson, 1B, New Mexico

All bat 1B profile. Not sure he hits enough for that. Along the lines of Christian Walker in 2012.

Michael O'Neill, OF, Michigan

Best player in the Big 10 when he is on, he didn't show the same skills as a sophomore compared to his freshman year.

William Abreu, OF, Miami Springs

short quick line drive swing. More gap to gap at this point. Solid across the board.

Mark Ecker, P, Sandra Day O'Connor

Big arm. 92+ FB. Could be a very good one. 72 MPH curve could be plus.

Cavan Biggio, 3B, St. Thomas

Really nice hitter. Good swing, strong. Good 3B. Great bloodlines.

Trey Ball, P, New Castle

Big lefty has low 90's fastball with a lot of projection remaining.

Tres Barrera, 3B, Hidalgo (Hidalgo Texas)

Love the bat. If he can catch, he could be an easy 1st rounder.

A.J. Vanegas, P, Stanford

Inconsistency and lack of defined role has kept his stock deflated. Junior year will mean a lot to his draft position. Talent is unquestionable.

Robert Tyler, P, Crisp County High

90-92 FB. Breaking ball shows promise. Projectable.

Aaron Brown, OF, Pepperdine

John Simms, P, Rice

Stephen Gonsalves, P, Cathedral Catholic

big lanky lefty. Low 90's fastball. Hangs his slider some.

Kevin Ziomek, P, Vanderbilt

John Paul Crawford, SS, Lakewood

Interesting SS with some hitting ability

Jarret DeHart, OF, Shawnee

Big power potential. Strong kid kinda similar to Stryker Trahan.

Andrew Dunlap, C, Westbury Christian

Nice swing. Good power, plus defense.

Andrew Mitchell, P, TCU

Zach Weiss, P, UCLA

Tyler Barnette, P, Charlotte

Ryon Healy, P, Oregon

John Sternagel, 3B, Rockledge

Impressive hitter. Likely a future 3B.

Jordan Sheffield, P, Tullahoma

big armed RHP, could get to upper 90's

Forrest Koumas, P, South Carolina

Travis Demeritte, 3B, Winder Barrow

Zach Alvord, 3B, Auburn

Lonnie Kauppila, SS, Stanford

Adam Duke, P, Oregon State

Jared King, 1B, First Academy HSKansas State

Ben DeLuzio, 3B, Russell County

Shows big bat potential in BP. Very good swing

Anfernee Grier, OF,

Raw but talented. Very good bat speed, power projection. Plus arm.

Sean Dwyer, OF, SachseFlorida Gulf Coast

Eric Williams, OF,

big power potential. Plus Plus arm. Could try him at 3B.

Daniel Palka, OF, MaristGeorgia Tech

Anthony Sherlag, C, Simeon

Corey Ray, P, Broken ArrowTexas A&M

Armsy swing. Not a lot of power. Reallly fast. Along the lines of a Levon Washington.

Trey Lee Cobb, P,

86-89 FB, good depth to his 75 MPH breaking ball. Can get loopy. Bit of a slinger. Needs to gain consistency.

Corey Knebel, P, Palm Beach CentralTexas

Ian Hagenmiller, 3B, Cypress

Nice swing, good power potential Corner profile. Great bat speed.

Tyler Alamo, C,

Good contact ability with huge bat speed.

T.J. Pecoraro, P, Vanderbilt

TJ recovery went fast and showed a lot of potential this year.

Dale Carey, OF, Miami

Speedy top of the order catalyst. Can cover ground in CF.

Dan Child, P, Oregon State

Daniel Gibson, P, HeritageFlorida

Trevor Clifton, P, Parkview

Raw, athletic, more thrower than pitcher. 88-91, plus change, nice breaking ball. 88-91. Could jump up with better velo.

Josh Hart, OF, Cherry Creek

Derik Beauprez, 1B,

More potential on the mound where he can hit 93.

Erich Weiss, 3B, Texas

Brenton Allen, OF, UCLA

Jimmie Sherfy, P, Salisbury SchoolOregon

Ryley MacEachern, P,

Can locate well. Nice fastball with some run. Nice 80 MPH slider, plus change.

Jason Monda, OF, Washington State

Omar Cotto, OF, Southern California

Kurt McCune, P, Louisiana State

Tyler Skulina, P, Kent State

Dustin DeMuth, 3B, Indiana

Scott Frazier, P, St. Augustine PrepPepperdine

Chris Oakley, P,

Matt Grimes, P, Georgia Tech

Kevin Jordan, OF, Wake Forest

Randy LeBlanc, P, Patchogue MedfordTulane

Matthew Vogel, P, Jenks

Thomas Hatch, P,

85-88 FB, average breaking ball.

Michael Arencibia, OF, Tallahassee CC

Trevor Gott, P, Kentucky

Dace Kime, P, Louisville

Nick Vander Tuig, P, UCLA

J.T. Riddle, 2B, Kentucky

Hunter Renfroe, C, LexingtonMississippi State

Nick Ciuffo, P,

Jeff Thompson, P, Louisville

DeAndre Smelter, P, HernandoGeorgia Tech

Christian Arroyo, SS,

Quick bat. Polished.

Ben Lively, P, MoundsviewCentral Florida

Max Knutson, P,

Long lefty. Projectable. Inconsistent but a lot of potential.

Corey Littrell, P, DanvilleKentucky

Chuck Robinson, C, Covington

Massive kid. Good ability behind the dish but not spectacular. Very upper body driven swing could be improved on. Very strong kid.

Carlos Williams, OF, T.R. Miller

blazing fast runner. Has enough bat to use it.

Kevin Davis, P, Coon Rapids

Logan Shore, P, Cullman

Keegan Thompson, P, Monte Vista

solid RHP, low 90's

Brett Binning, SS,

nice swing, good pop, athlete. Like him.

Ryan Tellez, 1B, Tracy

Jonah Wesely, P,

Kent Emanuel, P, North ShoreNorth Carolina

Nicholas Buckner, OF, All Hallows

Stephen Alemais, SS,

Andrew Knapp, C, California

Matt Roberts, C, North Carolina

Sean Manaea, P, Indiana State

Porter Clayton, P, Blessed TrinityOregon

Keenan Innis, OF, Venice

Nick Longhi, 1B, Gahr

Nice bat but not great. Some power potential. He is better on the mound.

Kevin Franklin, 3B, Forest

Big guy has big bat potential. Not sure he can stick at 3B. Decent athlete.

Jordon Austin, OF,

Big dude. Nice swing. Good athlete with a plus arm. Can run.

Konner Wade, P, Arizona

Jake McCasland, P, New Mexico

Ryan Gebhart, OF, Florida Gulf Coast

Long lanky CF with some potential at the plate. Could be a good late round pick.

Chris Anderson, P, South MecklenburgJacksonville

Logan Koch, C,

Nice swing. Not a lot of power but knows what he's doing out there.

Jacob May, OF, Riverdale BaptistCoastal Carolina

Matthew McPhearson, OF,

Mark Payton, OF, WeddingtonTexas

Alexander Bostic, P, Casa Grande

Consistenly at 90. Big breaking ball. Bit of a short armer. Shows a change.

Francis Christy, C,

Good approach. Good opposite field power.

Bernardo Bonifacio, OF,

Emilio's nephew. Swings more like Jorge. Does not get cheated.

Johnny Field, OF, Memphis University SchoolArizona

Dalton Dulin, SS, Harvard Westlake

Fast player. Good MIF defense. Questionable bat.

Arden Pabst, C, Medford, NJ

Very good defensively. Average at the plate.

Jarrett DeHart, OF,

Tony Kemp, OF, Vanderbilt

Andrew Harrington, P,

88-90 FB. Strong lefty with plus slider potential.

Jonathan Gray, P, SarasotaOklahoma

Jason Sierra, OF, Fruitland

1B/corner guy with a more contact approach than a power hitter.

Joseph Martarano, 3B, Providence Chriatian Academy, Lawrenceville, GA

Christian Stewart, C, Owasso

Andrew Rosa, SS, Palisades Charter

Elliott Barzilli, SS,

Marco Gonzales, P, Gonzaga

Steve Wilkerson, 2B, Clemson

Michael Wagner, P, San Diego

Tom Windle, P, Pigeon ForgeMinnesota

Wil Crowe, P,

Sat 90. Tight spin on the breaking ball. Could be a plus pitch.

Brandon Pierce, P, Nebraska

Ben Wetzler, P, Oregon State

Connor Mason, P, ProsperRice

Torii Hunter Jr., OF,

Coty Blanchard, SS, IMG AcademiesJacksonville State

Brett Hanewich, P, Riverton

Nice swing with big power potential. Low 90's on the mound.

Tanner Draper, P, Aledo

Can pinpoint fastball but his secondaries are mediocre. Could jump up if his secondaries improve.

Matt Walker, P,

88 with projection. Odd delivery. Slow curve.

Mott Hyde, SS, Georgia Tech

James Roberts, SS, ColliervilleSouthern California

Brandon Hicks, P, Bartow

Joseph Starling, P,

Looks like a #3 at best. Unusual delivery.

Chase McDonald, 1B, JesuitEast Carolina

Spencer Trayner, 3B, Patchogue Medford HS, Medford, N.Y.

Matt Vogel, P, Dwyer

a lot better on the mound than at SS. Low 90's velo

Cheyne Bickel, P, Hallsville HS

Thick body, no projection. Good arm. Will project as a reliever

Ron Gideon, 3B, Grossmont

Derek Rustich, 3B, Jenks

Trey Michalczewski, 3B, Redan

Wesley Jones, 3B, Jupiter

Ronnie Healy, C, West Boca

Michael Barash, C, Westlake

Lean catcher hits the ball where it's pitched. Good hit tool, power should come.

Terry McClure, OF, South Hills

Adrian De Horta, P, Wenatchee

Dustin Driver, P, Eustis

Alex Hagner, P, Chandler

Austin Paschke, OF, Calvary Baptist

Garrett Williams, P, Deland

Scott Moss, P, Wood

Trevin Haseltine, P, Crisp Academy

Jordan Howard, P, Tampa Jesuit

Straight fastball with a strong delivery and clean mechanics. Needs a second pitch. Can't throw much of a breaking ball.

John Kilichowski, P, St. Pius

Kohl Stewart, P, Walton

Stephen Wrenn, OF, Johns Creek

long arms but stays inside the ball. Nice swing. One to watch

Connor Jones, P, James Madison

Andy McGuire, SS, St Pius

Cody Bower, OF,

Trey Mancini, 1B, Head-RoyceNotre Dame

Steve Farinaro, P, Poly Prep

Andrew Zapata, P, Boone

Ian McKinney, P,

87-89 with a good change, solid slider from the deceptive lefty.


Adam Engel, OF, Louisville

Chase Johnson, P, Cal Poly

Dillon Overton, P, Oklahoma

Jimmy Hodgskin, P, FrenshipTroy

Stephen Smith, OF,

Andrew Smith, P, North Carolina

Jon Keller, P, Nebraska

Kyle Finnegan, P, Texas State

Cody Glenn, P, McloudLouisiana State

Evan Anderson, P, Atwater, CA

Daulton Jeffries, SS,

small RHP. 88 MPH fb with a tight CB and a plus change. If his FB jumps, he could too.

Brantley Bell, SS,

Jay's son has a good arm and can play up the middle.

Evan Mitchell, P, TimbercreekMississippi State

Eugene Vazquez, OF,

Good athelte with plus defense. Good arm and a nice swing. Could be special player.

Justin Hageman, P, Western Kentucky

Steve Janas, P, Kennesaw State

Andrew Thurman, P, UC Irvine

Dusty Isaacs, P, Georgia Tech

Michael Fagan, P, Princeton

Trey Masek, P, Texas Tech

Tyler Linehan, P, Fresno State

Chad Sheppard, P, Brookstone High School

Eric Smith, P, Woodland

Chad Pinder, SS, Virginia Tech

Jack Reinheimer, SS, East Carolina

Austin Voth, P, Washington

Jason Hursh, P, Oklahoma State

Cole Swanson, P, San Diego State

Francisco Pena, P, Lamar C.

85-88 FB, average curveball. Back of the rotation guy.

Christian Summers, SS, Texas

Jake Rodriguez, 2B, Oregon State

Anthony (AJ) Balta, 2B, Valencia

Cassidy Brown, C, Walsh Jesuit

Tim Kiene, 1B, Maryland

Joseph Corrigan, 1B, Harvard-Westlake

Huge power potential from the right side.

Bryce Welborn, P, Northland Christian

Deceptive delivery. 90-92. Could gain a couple ticks

Kaiana Eldredge, 2B, Kansas

Alex Calbick, 3B, Maine

Bryce Only, 3B, Huntley

Chad Wallach, C, Cal State Fullerton

Zane Evans, C, Georgia Tech

Jonathan Denney, C, Yukon

Riley Unroe, IF, Mesa, Ariz.

Ivan DeJesus, OF, Alabama-Birmingham

Justin Glass, OF, Cincinnati

Jaycob Brugman, OF, Brigham Young

Josh Adams, OF, Pleasant Grove

Andrew Benintendi, OF, Madeira

Charlie Yorks, OF, St. Louis Catholic

Cody Thomas, OF, Colleyville Heritage

Frank Duncan, P, Kansas

Tyler Nurdin, P, Oklahoma State

Jordan Haseltine, P, San Francisco

Sam Wilson, P, New Mexico

David Garner, P, Michigan State

Kirby Bellow, P, Texas

Josh Uhen, P, Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Alex Lakatos, P, Michigan

John Lieske, P, Illinois State

David Whitehead, P, Elon

Bryan Radziewski, P, Miami

Dan Slania, P, Notre Dame

Kevin Pohle, P, Clemson

Stefan Crichton, P, TCU

Joey DeNato, P, Indiana

Nathan Thornhill, P, Texas

Trae Davis, P, Baylor

D.J. Snelten, P, Minnesota

Riley Gates, P, Snow Canyon

Ryan Olson, P, Western Christian

Zac Ryan, P, Andrean High SchoolValparaiso

Alex Chittenden, SS, Louisville

Bret Boswell, SS, Rockwall-Heath

Glenn Batson, SS, Greenville

Seve Romo, SS, Fullerton CA Servite

Justin Friend, C, Johns Creek

Matthew Williams, SS, Belton-Honea Path

Joe Dudek, 1B, Christian Brothers Academy

Chris Marconcini, 1B, Duke

Matt Brown , 3B, St. John Vianney (MO) HS

Niko Pacheco , 3B, Bullard (CA) HS

Tyler Danish, 3B, Durant

Preston Palmeiro, 3B, Heritage

Looks a lot like his Dad at the plate. The early 1980's version.

Chase Butler, 3B, Georgia Tech

Jae Roberts, 3B, Hammond School

Really fast bat, uses whole body, unusual swing. Strong athlete built like a RB

Pete Alonso, 3B, Plant

Adrian Chacon, C, Tampa Jesuit

Will Haynie, C, Brentwood Academy

Dylan Creech, C, Wolfe County

Brandon Stephens, C,

Collin Slaybaugh, C, Washington State

Dempsy Grover, C, Beyer

Jake Hernandez, C, USC

Max Schuman, C, Arcadia

Nice lefty swing. Is a bit long, though.

Tyler Ross, C, LSU

Will Allen, C, Ole Miss

Drake Parker , OF, Union City (TN) HS

Corey Dempster, OF, Loyola

Randolph Gassaway, OF, Woodland

Andre Gregory, OF, Jesuit

Eric Knox, OF, Effingham County

Billy McKinney, OF, Plano West

Darryn Sheppard, OF, Dulles

Colin Winters, OF, La Costa Canyon

Hunter Jarmon, OF, Midway

Long swing, needs work but has a lot of potential

Hunter Mercado-Hood, OF, Brentwood, Calif.

Lucas Witt, OF, Kentucky

Nick Banks, OF, Tomball (Texas) HS

Jarrett Freeland, C,

Brock Hartley, SS,

Dylan White, P, Vancouver

Philip Ervin, OF, Samford

AJ Bogucki, P, Boyertown

Up to 92. Projectable. Straight fastball.

Tom Bourdon, OF, Boston College

Tyler Alexander, P, Southlake CarrollHillsborough

Timmy Richards, SS, Long Beach Wilson

Ian Clarkin, P, James Madison

Kacy Clemens, P, Memorial

Jacob Heyward, P, Eagles Landing Christian Academy

Casey Meisner, P, Cy-Woods

Andy Ward, P, Oviedo

Will Craig, P, Science Hill

Tim Willittes, P, Desert Mountain


Brett Nielsen, P, Sheldon

Denton Keys, P, Rye

Adam Dressler, P, Hinsdale Central

Austin Sexton, P, Sparkman

Projectable righty. 88-90 with a nice change.

Barrett Astin, P, Arkansas

Ben Mordini, P,

Blake Goins, P, Pearland

Eddie Campbell, P,

Eric Stevens, P, Boston College

Mike Benjamin, SS, Arizona State

Jeff Brigham, P, Washington

Kyle Crockett, P, Virginia

Bryan Dutton, SS, Guthrie High

Hunter Green, P, Warren East

Connor Heady, SS, North Oldham

Reid Humphreys, SS, Northwest Rankin

Will Kendall, P, Auburn

Keenan Kish, P, Florida

J.D. Leckenby, P, Washington State

Ryan Leone, P, Calvary Baptist Academy

Joel McKeithan, SS, Vanderbilt

Brett Morales, SS, King

Trey Nielsen, P,

Matt Phillips, P, Milton

Zack Powers, SS, Florida

Jack Roberts, P, James River

Joshua Rogers, P, New Albany HS

Ryne Roper, SS, Harrisburg

Nick Rumbelow, P, LSU

Michael Shawaryn, P, Gloucester Catholic

Hunter Swilling, P, Columbus

Andre Vigil, SS, Volcano Vista

Trevor Williams, P, Arizona State

Mike Ahmed, P, Holy Cross

Hunter Dozier, 3B, Stephen F Austin

BEN GRISET, P, St. Mary's

C.K. IRBY, P, Samford

Ricky Knapp, P, Florida Gulf Coast

Louie Lechich, OF, San Diego


Elvin Soto, C, Pittsburgh


Alex Gonzalez, P, Oral Roberts

Jimmy Allen, 3B, Cal Poly


Christopher Bates, P, Richmond

MICHAEL BISHOP, OF, Jacksonville State

Aaron Blair, P, Marshall

Cale Brockmeyer, C, Cal-State Bakersfield

Dallas Chadwick, P, Sacramento State

JOE CLAVER, P, Illinois State

Ben Dartnell, P, Eastern Michigan

JOSE DELEON, P, Southern

Alex Diaz, SS, Florida Gulf Coast

CODY DICKSON, P, Sam Houston State

Adam Eggnatz, OF, Brooks-Debartolo Collegiate Tampa FLCoastal Carolina

Blaise Fernandez, 3B, George Mason



MICHAEL FORD, P, Princeton

Michael Gerber, OF, Creighton

Turner Gill, OF, Portland

Brandon Glazer, 3B, Charleston

Riley Good, OF, Texas-San Antonio


Michael Hollenbeck, C, Illinois State

Mitch Horacek, P, Dartmouth

Sam Koenig, 3B, Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Chad Kuhl, P, Delaware

Jon Maciel, P, Long Beach State


Adam Martin, C, Western Carolina

Derek Mazzio, P, St. Louis

Greg McCall, C, Texas-Arlington

Kevin McCarthy, P, Marist

Jordan Mills, P, St. Mary's


Jordan Patterson, OF, South Alabama

Taylor Ratliff, OF, Jacksonville

Jon Ryan, OF, Illinois-Chicago


MIKE STRENTZ, C, Louisiana-Lafayette

Luke Tendler, SS, North Carolina A&T


ANTHONY TURGEON, SS, Central Connecticut State

Miles Williams, OF, Cal State Northridge




PAT YOUNG, P, Villanova

Brad Zebedis, C, Presbyterian

Rudy Acosta, P,

AJ Berglund, P, UC Santa Barbara

Cam Booser, P, Oregon State

Rolando Botello, P, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

James Harris, 3B,

Casey Mulholland, P, Ole Miss

Case Nixon, C, Alabama

Kelly Norris-Jones, C,

Sean O'Brien, SS, Florida State

Preston Overbey, 3B, Ole Miss

Alex Ramsay, C, Maryland

Shane Rowland, C, Miami

Tyler Shreve, P, Utah

Trevor Teykl, P,

Jacob Felts, C, Orangefield (Orangefield Texas)Texas

Jay Gonzalez, OF, Auburn

Joe Alexander Jimenez, P, International Baseball Academy

Brandon Moore, P, Arkansas

Tavo Rodriguez, P, Franklin

Brady Corless, P, Spanish Fork

Brock Maxwell, OF, Lambert

Chris Willson, P, Wake Forest

Rob Zastryzny, P, Missouri

Brandon Whiteford, SS, Chapel Hill