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New York Mets Consider "Quiet Section" for Autistic Children

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This doesn't have anything to do with minor league baseball per se, but i wanted to point out this story about the New York Mets thinking of setting up a special "quiet' section of the park for autistic children and their families.

This is something I would like to see. My youngest son Jackson, age 6, is moderately-to-severely autistic and has a difficult time in crowded environments with lots of people and noise. We generally avoid crowds, no choice really...he's never been to a baseball game or a movie, for example. The grocery store is tough enough. If there were some sort of family-oriented section with accommodations for autistic and special needs kids and their families, it would make it a lot more likely that we could attend traditional family events that are often not feasible for us.

I hope the Mets and other teams explore this idea. They should consult with autism experts and families with impacted children to come up with ideas for how to make this work.