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Discussion Question: Who is the Most Underrated Player in 2012 Draft?

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Yesterday we had a discussion about overrated players in the upcoming draft, so today we'll switch gears...who stands out to you as an underrated player?

This doesn't necessarily fit into the topic (I'm not saying he's underrated), but I do want to make a point about Stanford's Mark Appel. It is commonly stated that he doesn't dominate college hitters to the extent that he should given the quality of his stuff, but from a sabermetric point of view, it looks like he's made some progress in that regard. His K/IP ratio has been moving upward this year and now exceeds one per inning, with a K/IP of 116 in 110 innings. This is substantially better than the context in which he is pitching; the K/IP ratio of Stanford and its opponents is .722 per nine innings, compared to Appel's 1.06.

Kevin Gausman is at 125 in 108 innings, 1.16 per nine, compared to LSU's context of .825.

Stanford's schedule is more difficult than LSU's at least according to this.