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Minor League Ball Schedule Update

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The next week will be extremely busy around here. I am focused almost completely on the draft right now, although I'll have some minor league notes for you later today. I will try to keep Prospect of the Day going, but that is less important than the draft right now and if something slips, it will be that. I don't have an exact schedule yet (every time I try to publish one something happens), but here are my goals for the next week.

**I am working on my Top 100 draft prospects. I hope to have this finished on Friday.
**On the weekend, I will have some "sleeper draft prospects" to consider.
**On Sunday I will have one final mock draft.
**More draft contributions from Matt G.
**Promoting the The Minor League Ball Gameday thread from the fanposts to the front page is proving to be extremely popular, and that will be a front page staple from now on.
**Tomorrow is my 20th wedding anniversary, and I have plans.