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The Talent in the 2012 MLB Draft

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Mitch Nay - Batting Practice (via mickjhvs)

All we have been hearing this year is that there isn't a lot of talent in this years' draft. Anyone who says that is wrong.

There isn't superstar level talent that is easily identified and it comes with more risk. It's not that it isn't there. Lucas Giolito could slide out of the top 10 or even not get drafted. He could be a #1 starter in the majors in 5-6 years. Carlos Correa could be a 25 HR hitting shortstop or a great defensive 3B with a very good bat. Byron Buxton could be a perennial all-star. Mike Zunino could be a top 10 catcher in the majors. Max Fried could be a Clayton Kershaw type of arm. Marcus Stroman, Mark Appel, Kevin Gausman, Andrew Heaney and Kyle Zimmer could all be in major league rotations. That is talent.

Third Round types like Cam Perkins, Taylor Dugas, and Tony Renda could be MLB starters. Mitch Nay could be a 30 Home Run hitting 1B. That is talent.

Guys like Chase Mullins and Drew Jackson could go to school and be 1st round picks in three years and will be looked at as safe picks and make that draft "strong" because they have a track record saying that they are good. This years' draft has the strength of the 2015 draft in it. The question isn't if there is talent in this draft, it is what team will sign that talent this year and make 2015's draft "weak".