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2012 Community Mock Draft: American League West Review

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Continuing with reviews of the 2012 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft, we look at the American League West.

2012 Community Mock Draft Review: American League Central Division

Los Angeles Angels
3-114) Cody Poteet, RHP, California HS
John's Take: In the old days this would make perfect sense, but with the new system it might be hard to get someone like Poteet to pass up UCLA for slot money, unless he's willing to take a hometown discount, or unless he decides that pitching college ball is too much of a risk healthwise. Talentwise it is a fine choice.
The Angels SD had to stick around through four hours of drafting before making a selection, so kudos to his patience.

Oakland Athletics
1-11) Richie Shaffer, 3B, Clemson
1S-34) Nolan Fontana, SS, University of Florida
1S-47) Clate Schmidt, RHP, Georgia HS
2-62) Martin Agosta, RHP, St. Mary's
2-74) Daniel Robertson, INF, California HS
3-106) Buck Farmer, RHP, Georgia Tech
John's Take: I like the balance between upside and floor here. Shaffer and Fontana are near-certain major leaguers and both should provide plenty of OBP. Agosta should be a fine reliever and Farmer a back-rotation guy. The upside is with Schmidt and Robertson. I think you could probably sign Schmidt for slot money but Robertson would be considerably more difficult.

Seattle Mariners
1-3) Mike Zunino, C, University of Florida
2-64) Nick Williams, OF, Texas HS
3-98) Brandon Kline, RHP, University of Virginia
3S-126) Jeremy Rathjen, OF, Rice University
John's Take: Hard to go wrong by picking Zunino, especially given the strength of pitching the Mariners have in the farm system. Williams is a giant signability risk in the second round, but his talent would be nice there if he signs without busting the budget. Kline is a potential steal as a third rounder given his arm strength, while Rathjen is one of the more interesting sleeper bats in a thin year for college hitting.

Texas Rangers
1-29): Zach Eflin, RHP, Florida HS
1S-39) Dylan Baker, RHP, Western Nevada JC
1S-53) Kolby Copeland, Of, Louisiana HS
2-83) Fernelys Sanchez, OF, New York HS
2-93) Teddy Stankiewicz, RHP, Texas HS
3-123) Patrick Kivlehan, 3B, Rutgers
John's Take: This looks like the kind of thing the Rangers could do, mixing upside and risk. Eflin is a mid-first round talent if he's healthy. Baker has a great arm although his stock dipped a bit after a rough recent start. I like Copeland quite a bit, he gets kind of lost in the shuffle when HS OF are discussed but his tools are impressive and he has more polish than some. Sanchez has been injured all spring but has plenty of upside and only a CC commitment to fall back on. Stankiewicz would be a big signability risk in that slot, while Kivlehan has unusual athletic upside for a college guy without much leverage.