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2012 Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: Supplemental First Round

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32. Twins (for Michael Cuddyer): Mitch Brown, RHP, Minnesota HS
33. Padres (for Heath Bell): Addison Russell, SS, Florida HS
34. Athletics (for Josh Willingham); Nolan Fontana, SS, University of Florida
35. Mets (for Jose Reyes): Clint Coulter, C, Washington HS
36. Cardinals (for Albert Pujols): Pierce Johnson, RHP, Missouri State University
37. Red Sox (for Jonathan Papelbon): Chris Beck, RHP, Georgia Southern
38. Brewers (for Prince Fielder): Stephen Piscotty, 3B, Stanford
39. Rangers (for C.J. Wilson): Dylan Baker, RHP, Western Nevada JC
40. Phillies (for Ryan Madson): Trey Williams, 3B, California HS
41. Astros (for Clint Barmes): Hunter Virant, LHP, California HS
42. Twins (for Jason Kubel): J.O. Berrios, RHP, Puerto Rico HS
43. Cubs (for Aramis Ramirez): Alex Wood, LHP, University of Georgia
44. Padres (for Aaron Harang): Walker Wieckel, RHP, Florida HS
45. Pirates (for Ryan Doumit): Barrett Barnes, OF, Texas Tech
46. Rockies (for Mark Ellis): Tyler Naquin, OF, Texas A&M
47. Athletics (for David DeJesus) Clate Schmidt, RHP, Georgia HS
48. White Sox (for Mark Buehrle): Jake Barrett, RHP, Arizona State
49. Reds (for Ramon Hernandez): Travis Jankowski, OF, Stony Brook
50. Blue Jays (for Frank Francisco): Edwin Diaz, RHP, Puerto Rico HS
51. Dodgers (for Rod Barajas): Nick Travieso, RHP, Florida HS
52. Cardinals (for Octavio Dotel): Ty Buttrey, RHP, North Carolina HS
53. Rangers (for Darren Oliver): Kolby Copeland, OF, Louisiana Hs
54. Phillies (for Raul Ibanez): Adam Brett Walker, 1B-OF, Jacksonville University
55. Padres (for unsigned 2011 Brett Austin): Mitch Gueller, RHP, Washington HS
56. Cubs (for Carlos Pena): Pete O'Brien, C, University of Miami
57. Reds (for Francisco Cordero): Carson Kelly, 3B, Oregon HS
58. Blue Jays (for Jon Rauch): J.V Diaz, SS, Puerto Rico HS
59. Cardinals (for Edwin Jackson): Steve Bean, C, Texas HS
60. Blue Jays (for Jose Molina): Christian Walker, 1B, South Carolina