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2012 MLB Draft: Players With Signability Questions

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Every year some players opt to go the college route instead of signing. I've listed 29 names that could make that decision and be eligible in 2015 or 2014 where listed. The % chance is based on what I have heard or how other players have decided. I have no personal insight on this with any player, just my hypothesis and a short reason why I feel that way.

% Chance to College Name POS Commit Reason
100 Nathan Kirby P Virginia Already opted out of draft
95 Jameis Winston OF Florida State Quarterback at FSU
95 Anthony Alford OF Southern Miss Two sports at So. Miss is the plan
90 Freddy Avis P Stanford Very smart individual values education highly.
80 CJ Hinojosa SS Texas Shoulder injury and strong commit
70 Dansby Swanson SS Vanderbilt Very good student and tough school to sign players from
70 Nick Williams OF Texas May even go JuCo with stock sliding
70 Drew Jackson SS Stanford Very good student and tough school to sign players from
60 Alex Bregman C LSU Strong commitment and injury
60 Taylore Cherry P North Carolina Sliding stock
50 Lucas Giolito P UCLA Elbow injury and high bonus demands
50 Tucker Simpson P Florida Could be in 2014 draft as sophomore
40 Trey Williams 3B Pepperdine Sliding stock and great school
40 Duane Underwood P Georgia Sliding stock and very raw
40 Xavier Turner 3B Vanderbilt May be under drafted and going to a great school
30 Lance McCullers P Florida Doesn't need to sign. Could be top 5 in 2015.
30 Walker Weickel P Miami Sliding stock. Could be high pick in 2015.
30 Stryker Trahan C Ole Miss All depends on where he is drafted.
30 Rio Ruiz 3B USC Injury may cause slide
30 Clate Schmidt P Clemson Sliding stock
30 Fernelys Sanchez OF Central Arizona CC Injury may cause slide
30 Ty Moore OF/P UCLA UCLA is a strong school, could be a two way player
30 Walker Buehler P Vanderbilt Vandy is hard to sign people away from.
30 James Marvel P Duke Could improve a lot in college.
30 Chase Mullins P Kentucky Could improve a lot in college.
30 Hunter Virant P UCLA UCLA should get at least one very good arm.
30 Daniel Robertson 3B UCLA Depending on where he's drafted.
30 Tyler Gonzales P Texas Could be in 2014 draft, could be 1st rounder then
30 Rock Rucker P/1B Auburn Could be in 2014 draft, could be two way guy