MLB Draft 2012 - College - Second Basemen

1) Alex Yarbrough, 2B, 5’11 185, S/R, Ole Miss, NCAA

49gp 198ab .404/.449/.551 3hr 40rbi 16(2b) 2(3b) 14bb 20so 3sb 0cs

1e 147a .995fld%

Yarbrough is the Rebels’ most complete and consistent player, fielding his position well, hitting for power and hitting for average. He has everything you would want in a middle infielder with the arm (84mph), hands, footwork, and range to be a very good defensive player. At the plate he is a polished hitter with a very sound approach. A switch hitter, Yarbrough hits from a quiet upright stance, with his bat resting on his shoulder. He has good bat speed and flat swing that stays through the zone and produces line drives. Though he looks a little more natural from the right side, he shows the same compact approach from both sides of the plate, using his hands in his swing well and staying on the ball. VIDEO

2) LJ Mazzilli, 2B, 6’0 185, S/R, Connecticut, NCAA

48gp 202ab .322/.387/.559 9hr 35rbi 17(2b) 2(3b) 18bb 26so 10sb 4cs

14e 152a .948fld%

Mazzilli is a very polished player with excellent ability on both sides of the ball. At the plate he has a little toe-tap timing mechanism that reminds some of Mark Reynolds’, only without the swing-and-miss length. He has a nice swing and a sound approach with a quick bat that helps him put a charge into the ball producing very good power for an infielder. On the field his good athleticism, hands, and arm strength (86mph) will keep him up the middle. A solid runner with good foot speed (7.05-60), he could improve his base running some. The son of former major leager Lee Mazilli, LJ has excellent bloodlines, and will only be 20-years-old come draft day. VIDEO

3) Tony Renda, 2B, 5’8 173, R/R, California, NCAA

45gp 181ab .370/.450/.519 4hr 21rbi 15(2b) 21bb 13so 11sb 3cs

11e 135a .952fld%

Renda is a very good player, especially when allowed to play his best position: batter`s box. One of college baseball`s best pure hitters, Renda hits from a square stance and starts with a low hand slot. His lack of a hand load is reminiscent of a Paul Molitor-type approach, and requires quick hands and a quick trigger. Renda has both. He is an aggressive hitter with consistent hitting approach. Renda has excellent bat speed, and is a quality contact hitter who sprays the ball well and competes in each at bat. Though he doesn`t project for much power going forward, he should hit plenty of doubles. He can be a top or bottom of the line-up type pest in the order, generally a pretty tough out. Once considered a butcher in the field, he`s really improved to the point that he is now considered an average defender. While his range will never be anything to brag about, he generally makes all the plays hit at him. A leader on and off the field, Renda, has worked extremely hard to turn himself into a better all-around player. VIDEO

4) Jamodrick McGruder, 2B, 5’8 165, L/R, Texas Tech, NCAA

50gp 182ab .374/.515/.511 1hr 23rbi 6(2b) 8(3b) 45bb 31so 37sb 5cs

13e 111a .939fld%

Not big but very talented, lead off type who is an exciting player to watch. McGruder is an excellent athlete who can really run and has been timed at 6.34 in the 60 yard dash. A former high school shortstop he can make spectacular plays defensively at second, with excellent range and a strong arm (89mph). Offensively, McGrugder has good bat speed, and a swing that is quick and short to the ball. An aggressive, scrappy hitter, McGruder has a good idea at the plate, and does a good job of getting on base via the base on balls. Primarily a linedrive hitter, McGruder doesn’t project to hit much power at the next level. VIDEO

5) Devon Travis, 2B, 5’9 180, R/R, Florida State, NCAA

49gp 192ab .333/.398/.500 5hr 30rbi 17(2b) 19bb 34so 7sb 1cs

4e 128a .981fld%

Travis projects to be a future leadoff hitter with an ideal blend of patience and pop at the plate. He has a short stroke and a pro-type approach at the plate. Travis has excellent bat speed and the ball jumps off his bat, producing above average power for an infielder. Travis also shows above-average speed along with plus defensive tools at second, though his on-field output in both areas could improve. A plus athlete he has a strong arm and above-average range defensively. Travis is one of those players that seems to do everything well.

6) Joey Demichele, 2B/3B, 6’0 171, L/R, Arizona State, NCAA

43gp 164ab .348/.424/.579 6hr 40rbi 10(2b) 5(3b) 19bb 22so 8sb 3cs
6e 131a .971fld%

Excellent power bat from the left side, Demichelle puts a charge into the baseball. For a power hitter, he keeps the strikeouts in check, and has been doing a better job this spring with his plate discipline, showing a willingness to take a walk. Very good speed for the type of player he is. Has been playing second base this year for the Sun Devils, which only adds to his offensive value. His lack of a sure fire defensive home is somewhat concerning, but guys with that combo of a true plus hit tool and even average future power (maybe a touch more with added strength) are always in demand. DeMichele is having a tremendous offensive campaign for the Devils, and has more than held his own at second base. VIDEO

7) Ross Heffley, 2B, 5’8 175, R/R, Western Carolina, NCAA

48gp 195ab .354/.451/.528 7hr 37rbi 11(2b) 1(3b) 33bb 10so 13sb 2cs

6e 141a .976fld%

A small second baseman who handles the bat well, Heffley is a very good hitter with great hands and an aggressive powerful swing a la Dustin Pedroia. He has some pop and could also provide plenty of doubles at the next level. Heffley is an average runner (6.95-60) and is a solid defender at second with decent range and a strong arm. Plays above his tools, the Catamounts number 3 hitter is the active NCAA leader in hits. VIDEO

8) Micah Johnson, 2B, 5’11 190, S/R, Indiana, NCAA

(*2011*) 54gp 209ab .335/.402/.474 3hr 34rbi 12(2b) 4(3b) 25bb 48so 19sb 3cs

Athletic talent with offensive upside, Johnson is left-handed hitter with quick hands and good raw power. A 6.65 runner, he profiles as a top of the order type of hitter with his power and speed combination. While the BBCOR bats killed some of his power last season but as a second baseman even with dead bats this guy puts on a show. Johnson is also very good defensively. Has missed most of the season after having surgery on his throwing elbow, he has finally received full medical clearance to play, and try to rebuild his draft stock. An excellent base-stealer and all-around player. VIDEO

9) Soe Sever, 2B, 6’0 205, R/R, Pepperdine, NCAA

47gp 190ab .384/.457/.526 5hr 43rbi 12(2b) 20bb 20so 8sb 0cs

5e 141a .979fld%

Sever is a very all-around player. Offensively he is a good hitter with plus bat speed and pretty good pop in his bat. A solid defender he shows athletic actions in the field and very good hands. Though he’s only a 7.33 runner and his arm strength is average, he makes all the routine plays at second., and is a very heady player. VIDEO

10) Ryan Jones, 2B, 5’10 165, R/R, Michigan State, NCAA

49gp 216ab .370/.434/.495 3hr 32rbi 14(2b) 2(3b) 27bb 15so 7sb 2cs

5e 158a .981fld%

Jones may not have a singular standout tool, but, outside of a lack of big raw power, he is more or less average across the board, including being above-average defensively at second. Jones is a ballplayer, plain and simple and a very good natural hitter.

11) Tommy Coyle, 2B, 5’9 170, L/R, UNC, NCAA

49gp 200ab .250/.355/.360 2hr 22rbi 6(2b) 5(3b) 30bb 27so 12sb 1cs

19e 132a .909fld%

Coyle is an athletic second baseman with above average speed and athleticism. A really solid line drive swing, and a patient approach with an outstanding batting eye. Coyle also has the ability to steal a base and has a recorded 60 time of 6.69 while in high school. Second base has been Coyle’s primary position at North Carolina. He looks smooth in the field and has a good glove, and strong arm (83mph). He has shown solid improvement since arriving at North Carolina, and is the brother of 2010 Red Sox draft pick Sean Coyle. VIDEO

12) Christopher Triplett, 2B, 5’11 178, S/R, Chiploa, NCAA

46gp 140ab .300/.391/.386 1hr 19rbi 9(2b) 15bb

Athletic infielder who is a plus defender at second base. Shows smooth defensive actions with good footwork, and plus body control. Has the ability to make throws going away from first. Plays with flair. A switch hitter, he’s a little better from right side. Good hitting mechanics overall, he uses his hands well in swing. Good bat speed with a line drive approach. Triplett hits the ball hard the other way, and shows the ability to wait on curveballs. Limited power. Only 20 at draft. VIDEO

13) Kevin Medrano, 2B, 6’0 160, L/R, Missouri State, NCAA

46gp 192ab .323 62h 16(2b) 0hr 22rbi 17bb 1hbp 22so 11sb 4cs

2e 125a .990fld%

A sleeper prospect at second, Medrano is a gifted natural hitter with plus bat speed who does a great job of getting the barrel of the bat on the ball with consistency. You might not know it from the numbers above, but his best singular tool is his plus speed. He’s also a steady defender at second with good range, though a below-average throwing arm might limit his upside to a utility infielder. There isn’t a whole lot of power in his bat, but that isn’t his game anyway. Scouts appreciate his blue-collar mentality but can’t get past the fact that he’s a second baseman with one plus tool. His brothers Steve and Jesus both played pro ball and reached the upper minors. Finished fourth in hitting (.321) and fifth in slugging (.423) in the Cape Cod League in 2010. VIDEO

14) Sam Dove 2B/OF, 6’2 188, R/R, Georgia Tech, NCAA

50gp 198ab .348/.417/.444 2hr 25rbi 13(2b) 23bb 38so 10sb 1cs

13e 100a .916fld%

Dove is a good hitter with an idea at the plate. He has strong hands and handles the bat head well. He has a smooth swing and gets some lift and extension through the ball. Dove uses a contact oriented, and does a good job of adjusting to off speed pitches. A pesky hitter, he’s a tough out at the bottom of the order for GT. Defensively, he shows good athleticism, he’s a decent runner (6.93-60) and his arm strength has improved as he’s gotten stronger. He has some work to go if he wants to play on the infield. Playing mostly left-field and third base for the Yellow Jackets this spring.

15) Garrett Cannizaro, 2B/3B, 6’0 185, R/R, Tulane, NCAA

50gp 207ab .309/.379/.429 4hr 39rbi 10(2b) 1(3b) 17bb 22so 6sb 3cs

5e 110a .968fld%

A 26th-round pick out of high school in 2009, Cannizaro has played all over the infield for Tulane (including shortstop and third base). A solid defensive infielder with good range and smooth actions. Offensively he makes good contact, and shows solid plate discipline. Not much power, but centers the ball well. Suffered broken hand recently which might hurt draft stock. Has been moved to third base this year.

16) Stephen Ventimilia, 2B, 5’9 155, L/R, Hawaii, NCAA

47gp 176ab .307/ 54h 2(2b) 1(3b) 0hr 14rbi 34bb 1hbp 28so 13sb 3cs

9e 148a .965fld%

A patient and prototypical leadoff hitter who gets on base a lot, Ventimilia is cut from the same cloth as former Hawaii second baseman Kolton Wong, though his overall tools don’t grade out as well. He takes a lot of pitches and does a good job of making contact once he has two strikes. Ventimilia’s best tool is his plus-plus speed which he uses both in the field and on the basepaths. A solid defender with a small compact frame, he doesn’t figure to hit for much power.

16) Michael Ratterree, 2B/OF, 6’1 210, R/R, Rice, NCAA

43gp 143ab .259/.394/.448 6hr 29rbi 9(2b) 31bb 25so 5sb 1cs

3e 2a.952fld%

Ratterree, who’s making the move from second base to the outfield this fall, is coming off a campaign where he batted .327. A good athlete with a long swing, Ratterree has some pop in his bat and a strong arm. VIDEO

17) Eric Charles, 2B, 5’10 175, R/R, Purdue, NCAA

47gp 191ab .372/.443/.440 0hr 29rbi 11(2b) 1(3b) 21bb 20so 16sb 2cs

12e 142a .953fld%

Charles may not profile as a big time offensive player, but he holds his own with the bat, and his defense at second is outstanding, though the numbers this spring don’t quite bear that out. Led Purdue in batting average in 2011, hitting out of the number 2-hole.

18) Maxx Tissenbaum, 2B, 5’11 191, L/R, Stony Brook, NCAA
47gp 170ab .382/.449/.524 3hr 32rbi 13(2b) 1(3b) 17bb 3so 0sb 1 cs

6e 76a .955fld%

A Canadian born second baseman, and unsigned 43rd round pick of the Blue Jays out of high school, Tissenbaum is a very good hitter, with decent pop for a second baseman. Shows good extension in his swing, with some lift. At the plate Tissenbaum employs a contact-oriented approach, and will not strikeout very much. Does a great job getting on base via the base-on-balls and has excellent plate discipline. A very good baseball player, solid, but not flashy, he’s an average to below average runner (7.53-60) but has some arm strength (81mph). Shows sound actions and good feet defensively, will make the routine plays, but overall range might push him to a corner spot, which would put more pressure on his bat. Bat is best tool. VIDEO

19) Joe Wendle, 2B, 6’1 190, L/R, West Chester, NCAA

48gp 167ab .401/.488/.790 12hr 55rbi 15(2b) 7(3b) 25bb 4so 10sb 1cs

7e 122a .969fld%

Wendle is just a pure hitter, with a contact oriented approach. Does a good job of using the whole field and getting on base. He can put spin on a ball and turn on it, or go the other way when the situation dictates . A sparkplug at the top of the order Wendle runs well, and with his great bat control doesn’t strikeout a lot. A very solid player in every phase of his game, Wendle has an unselfish and team oriented mindset. Doesn’t really do anything that is above average, but is just a ball-player. A Division II infielder, he has fallen under the radar, and went undrafted as a junior.

20) Eric Grabe, 2B/3B, 5'11 195, R/R, U of Tampa

46gp 167ab .299/.358/.443 2hr 35rbi 12(2b) 3(3b) 14bb 16so 1sb 0cs

7e 130a .965fld%

Solid all-around player and offensive sparkplug. Grabe has made a lot of stops since high school. He has played for three colleges and also played in the Coastal Plains League for three straight summers. One thing that has remained constant is Grabe’s production. Grabe has hit everywhere he has been. He has good bat speed and is willing to take a walk. While in high school, his 60 time was 6.98. Grabe is a versatile defender, which should help him at the next level. He moves well in the infield and has a good arm. He can handle either third or second. While his name is not likely to be called early in the draft, Grabe’s play merits being chosen at some point.

21) Ryan Dalton, 2B/3B, 6’1 185, R/R, University of Texas at San Antonio, NCAA

46gp 175ab .314/.374/.491 7hr 33rbi 10(2b) 17bb 21so 1sb 1cs

Has had an outstanding career at UT San Antonio. As a freshman, he appeared in 50 games hitting .305 with team bests of 17 home runs and 51 RBI. Good power for an infielder. Also catches for the Roadrunners.

22) Keaton Briscoe, 2B/SS, 6’0 180, L/R, UBC, NAIA

(*2011*) 48gp 169ab .298/.421/.429 1hr 17rbi 11(2b) 4(3b) 37bb 27so 20sb


9e 129a .958fld%

Scrappy Canadian middle infielder with a solid left-handed bat and a grinder mentality. Not eligible to play this spring for the Thunderbirds for academic reasons. He was a major presence in their lineup, leading the team in on-base percentage while coming in third in average in 2011.