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Discussion Question: What Would You Do With Dylan Bundy?

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If you were in charge of the Baltimore Orioles farm system, what would YOU do with phenom Dylan Bundy? How long would you leave him in Low-A, and what would you do about managing his workload?

The topic comes up frequently among people who follow the minors, but it is a good item for discussion, not only because Bundy himself is such a fascinating prospect, but also because it gets at the heart of the philosophy behind pitcher development. Is it better to baby a prospect along? How do you manage the balance between building physical stamina, avoiding injury, and the simple need to gain professional experience on the mound?

Bundy is an extreme case, of course, given his remarkable combination of stuff and pitchability, and perhaps the regular rules shouldn't apply to him. What do you think? What would you do with Bundy if you were the Orioles, how do you think pitchers in general should be developed, and would you do anything different with Bundy that you wouldn't do with a more "normal" pitching prospect?