Can I be a prospect again?

Dear Mr. Sickels

I'm a 20 year old (turning 21 later in June) playing AA ball. Once upon a time I was a highly regarded signing out of the DR and a very highly touted prospect (did I mention I'm only 20?). Unfortunately I was always overshadowed by a teammate of mine who was also highly touted. I was pushed hard by a very aggressive GM, and I wound up holding my own as a 17/18 year old playing full season A ball(!), although I didn't do anything special.

After being top 5 on my team in the beginning, Baseball America has completely dropped me off my team's top 30 prospects. You gave me an honorable mention (thank you!). Some of this was my fault - I showed up out of shape to camp. I haven't really displayed the power that people thought I would. My defense at 3B deteriorated enough they were looking to move me to first, and I probably don't have the bat for that.

So, here I am in AA, as a 20 year old hitting .363. My power is not there yet, but my plate discipline has improved quite a bit starting last year. I hit pretty well in the AFL last season before getting hurt. Reports are that my defense at 3B has improved quite a bit.

So when you look at prospects again, hopefully you can look my way.

Yours truly

Jefry Marte

Binghamton Mets

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