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JERI's Big, Huge Question O the Day, Again!

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I’m sure you’ve heard that this year’s All-Star Game is in Kansas City. I’m likely going to be skewered for this, but I’ve never understood the point of the All-Star Game. It seems that it would be a really great opportunity for a player to get injured for no good reason. Yes, the revenue is likely the point, and I don’t discount that for Baseball or for the city in which the game is held.

Possibly, my ambivalence might be due to the fact that I have never been to the All-Star Game, and likely never will be able to go. For me, the draw of any sporting event is being there in person, and drawing on the excitement of the crowd.

For this Monday morning, here’s a here’s a pretty easy Question O the Day:

*What do you think of the All-Star Game? Meaningful competition or waste of time?

*Have you ever been to one? What did you think?

*What is the biggest public interest event, sporting or otherwise, that you’ve been to? Now, I don’t get out much, so I’m counting of you guys to come up with some interesting destinations. My biggest public interest event would probably be a Roger Waters concert that John took me to in the last century.

John should be back later today or tomorrow. Thanks for playing!