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JERI's Big, Huge Question O' the Day!

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John is out of the office today so I’m hijacking the blog today. It’s been a while since I’ve posted for you, and I’m glad to be pinch-hitting. (See? ALREADY with the baseball references!)

John talks a lot about the ‘make-up’ of a player; that is to say, what kind of person he is. No matter what kind of news you follow, be it sports, politics, current events or entertainment, the lead story is nearly always about someone misbehaving.

I like to think that I can separate the deed from the professional life of the ‘doer’, at least in entertainment matters, keeping in mind that a player does not have to be a nice person in order to score a winning run.

That said, I admit that I’m not always successful. I am really certain that I’ll never again watch a Mel Gibson movie, simply because I cannot get past the total whack-job he seems to have become. I can’t suspend the knowledge of his behavior for the two hours it takes to watch Lethal Weapon.

Luckily for me, I don’t have a fantasy team to staff, so I have the luxury of judging harshly. This leads me to JERI’s Big, Huge Question O’ the Day:

Well, click the JUMP!

What about you? Have you ever made a roster change based on off-field behavior? If so, who did you dump and why?

If you haven’t been driven to such extremes, what would it take to send you over the edge and ‘fire’ a player? Drugs? Sex scandal? Cock fighting? I’m assuming that anything resulting in a lengthy prison sentence would force a roster change, so I’m looking at more personality-driven issues.

Taking it a bit further, is there a time when you thought a team was really wrong in keeping a player who did something bad off-field? For example, assuming Delmon Young stays out of prison, would you consider signing him (or keeping him) to a fantasy contract? Or, is it even an issue?

Let's hear you thoughts on this! Be mindful that standard blog rules apply, like it's ok to disagree with your fellow posters, but don't call them stupid, blah blah blah.

Thanks for playing!