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2012 Baseball Draft: High School Prospects 6-10

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Stryker Trahan, C, Acadiana, LA

Trahan is not a typical catcher in some ways and others he isn't. He is a stocky 6'1", 215 lbs and looks like a rock solid backstop. He is athletic and quick for a catcher. He is a solid average to slightly above runner. He has a plus arm and solid pop times behind the dish. He should be able to stay there if a team wants him too, though his bat may necessitate a move to the outfield a la Wil Myers.

At the plate, he has serious power from a short, quick swing. He should hit for solid average as well but the power is where much of the value lies.

Trahan could be an athletic, power hitting catcher, or a solid right fielder. If he can stay behind the dish, he should be one of the better hitting catchers in baseball. Either way he should be taken towards the top of the first round.

Byron Buxton, OF, Appling County, GA

Buxton really got everyone's attention last summer after not being quite as well known prior to that. He comes from a very small town in Georgia and plays against inferior competition but that really doesn't matter when you have the type of skills Byron has.

He is great athlete and covers all the ground needed to be a CF. He can fly and has plus-plus speed and rocket arm. He also throws in the mid-90's off the mound and is the quarterback for his high school team.

At the plate, Buxton has a quick swing that is quiet and doesn't cause any concern that it won't translate. He has quick wrists and should hit for solid average as well as a decent amount of power, in the 15 homer range. He has more of a line drive swing and the home runs will likely be just from hitting the ball right than powering it over the fence. He could really be a great hitter if it all comes together.

Buxton doesn't come without risk. I would have said a lot of the same things about Donovan Tate, though I like Buxton's swing better. He really could be looked at with the 1-1 pick and should be a top 10 pick this June.

Lance McCullers, RHP, Tampa Jesuit, FL

McCullers is a righty who is already physically mature 6'2", 205 lbs. He doesn't look to add much weight or much to his fastball by adding strength. That's a positive because nothing is needed. He throws 93-95 and can touch 97 with some reports of triple digits, but I'm not so sure of that. He has great bloodlines, as his Dad played in the majors and has been instrumental in his development. So much that McCullers hasn't even been the ace of his high school staff and has been used infrequently to save wear and tear on him.

He has a simple 3/4 delivery but isn't overly consistent with it yet. That shows up most with his hard breaking ball. It shows flashes of being a plus pitch as does his change. He has a lot of potential but is quite a ways away from reaching it.

With his background, relatively fresh arm and current repertoire, I can't see him lasting past the top 20 picks and could go before that. The fact he isn't overly projectable could work against him, but the talent is there.

Matthew Smoral, LHP, Solon HS, OH

Matt Smoral is a huge lefty with a low 3/4 delivery. At 6'8" he isn't quite Randy Johnson-esque. He doesn't have a kitschy nickname like Little Unit or come from Divine Child HS, but he is one of the better left handed prep arms that I can remember. Physically imposing on the mound and he has room to fill out, his easy 94 that he throws now could add a couple ticks.

He has a sharp breaking ball and is poised on the mound. I haven't seen or heard much about a change but for a prep product, I'm sure it's a work in progress. When looking at a guy like Smoral, it isn't what he has now, it's about what he can be. He can be an ace. He can be a front end of the rotation anchor. He could never make it to AA but the chance of his potential makes scouts drool.

He should go in the top half of the 1st round based on potential barring injury.

David Dahl, OF, Oak Mountain, AL

Dave Dahl is an impressive athlete at 6'2, 185 lbs. He had a rough summer last year when he missed a lot of chances to show his skills in front of scouts at showcases after coming down with mononucleosis. That didn't stop many from noticing his potential though. In the field he shows impressive speed and a plus arm. He is more likely to be a corner outfielder than a centerfielder but he could stay up the middle for the time being.

At the plate is where Dahl is most impressive. He has a low center of gravity when he hits. He uses his lower half well in his swing to create a lot a lot of power followed by a strong two handed follow through from the left sied that reminds me of some of the great hitters of the past. I really like what I see from him.

There is the potential for him to go in the top 10 with a good spring. He shouldn't make it past 15th overall.