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Monday Discussion Question: Which Outfield Prospect Do You Want?

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Let's keep going with the theoretical question series. I like asking questions like this because they make you analyze certain players in greater detail, as well as forcing the reader to examine his own assumptions about what they are looking for and value in a prospect. We'll move away from pitchers today and take a look at outfielders.

You MUST take one of the following players and use them as your regular major league center fielder for 2012. You have a magical guarantee that they won't get hurt, but you have to give them regular playing time in center field, at least 450 plate appearances. No matter how badly the guy plays, he has to be on your major league roster all season. You can platoon him a little as long as he gets 450 PA, and center has to be his primary position.

Your home park is Target Field in Minnesota.

Your choices are:

Kole Calhoun, Los Angeles Angels
Brett Eibner, Kansas City Royals
Alex Hassan, Boston Red Sox
Slade Heathcott, New York Yankees
Jiwan James, Philadelphia Phillies
Domingo Santana, Houston Astros

Remember, this isn't about who is the best prospect. You do need to consider all aspects of the player, though. This is real baseball and stuff like defense and baserunning count.