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Royals Trade Farm System for 31 Year Old Pitcher

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Ed Zurga

So I decided to check the news before going to bed, and discovered that the Kansas City Royals traded Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi, Mike Montgomery, and Patrick Leonard to the Tampa Bay Rays for James Shields and Wade Davis.

My initial reaction is that this is completely insane. I know the Royals want to win in 2013, but this seems like an awful lot to give up. Apparently the Royals were hawking Myers very aggressively. Word is that, internally, they don't value him as highly as outside analysts do. Assuming that's the case, Moore was trying to sell high on Myers' perceived value.

So, are the Royals right about Myers being overvalued by non-Royals people? Are Shields and Davis really going to put this team over the top in the next year or two? Was it necessary to include Odorizzi? Can the Rays fix Montgomery? Patrick Leonard is a nice sleeper prospect too. Lots of very serious questions here.

I will analyze the players involved in the morning and maybe I'll feel differently in the light of cold reason and six hours of sleep, but I don't like the deal for the Royals. Here is a link to what the Royals Farm System looked like before the trade.

Discuss! There is a lot to talk about.