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Cutting Room Floor: Comments I Don't Have Room For

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I am having to cull out some already written comments in the 2013 Baseball Prospect Book for space reasons, and I'll put them in this article so you can see them. I'll update as we go along.

Austin Malinowski, LHP, Minnesota Twins
Bats: R Throws: L HT: 6-4 WT: 210 DOB: November 30, 1992

2012: Grade C.

The Twins drafted Malinowski in the 16th round in '11, from high school in Minnesota, spending $175,000 to buy him away from the University of Arizona. He's a big lefty with a promising curveball and a fastball that gets into the 90s when his mechanics are right. Still very much in the development stages, he's a Grade C prospect at this point, but with enough upside to remain on the radar following a decent rookie ball campaign.

Josue Montanez, LHP, Minnesota Twins
Bats: L Throws: L HT: 6-2 WT: 195 DOB: January 15, 1992

He is a long way off, but I think Josue Montanez might develop into someone interesting. He was first drafted by the Padres in 2010 as a 25th round pick from high school in Puerto Rico. He didn't sign, went to college at Miami Dade CC South, then was drafted again in 2011 by the Twins in the 15th round, this time signing for $125,000. He has been brought along slowly so far, spending time in rookie ball working on his mechanics, but should see more action in '13. He has enough arm strength to be interesting. Grade C.