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Philadelphia Phillies Organization Discussion

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Jeff Zelevansky

I am now working on the Texas Rangers prospect list. The next team in line is the Philadelphia Phillies, to be followed by the Tampa Bay Rays, Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox, and Milwaukee Brewers.

Use this thread to discuss the Phillies organization. Some potential discussion points for your consideration:

***The major league team had a disappointing .500 season and while they should be able to contend in 2013, the major league roster has some age on it and an infusion of younger talent over the next few years seems wise if not outright necessary. But is the system ready to do that? It seems to me like it has thinned you feel that is an accurate assessment?

***Two rookies who could contribute in 2013 are outfielder/first baseman Darin Ruf and right-handed pitcher Tyler Cloyd. Both were considered quite marginal entering 2012, although some people (me!) had pointed Cloyd out as a sleeper. Do you see other sleepers in the organization along similar lines?

***Having observed Ruf in September, do you think he is for real?

***The Phillies have long had an emphasis on tools and athleticism in the early rounds of their drafting, although they will also slot in polished college guys to provide some balance. Do you think the emphasis on pure upside has been successful?