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Baseball Prospect Book 2013: Mail Orders

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Photo by John Sickels, SB Nation/Vox Media

As most of you know, we are now taking pre-orders for the 2013 Baseball Prospect Book.

The book is schedule to ship on February 1st, 2013.

The book can be pre-ordered at, which features a link to the Paypal order page.

Many people don't like Paypal and prefer to pay with a check or money order. Honestly, that's fine with me: it avoids the pesky Paypal fees. The correct mailing address is

John Sickels Baseball Prospect Book 2013
PO Box 4066
Lawrence, KS 66049

A few people who recently sent in check orders told me that the mail was returned as "undeliverable." This problem has been resolved and everything is fixed in the US Mail department, so if your order was returned, please mail it again. It will get through to me now.


Here is an example of a player comment. One advantage of writing my own book is that I am free to take creative opportunities that you won't find in the Baseball America book. Here is an example.

If Dylan Bundy were a character on Star Trek, Captain Kirk would be really suspicious of him. Bundy is like one of those villains of the week who looks human, but who passes Dr. McCoy's medical tests with readings that are too good to be true, too textbook, too perfect. Anyway, Bundy was drafted by the Orioles from high school on Omicron Ceti III, er. . .Owasso, Oklahoma, in 2011. He awakened aboard the Botany Bay. . er, no, he signed a contract for $4,000,000, but didn't make his pro debut until 2012. Accompanied by a black shapeshifting female cat, er. . .no, assigned to Low-A Delmarva, Bundy was literally unhittable early in the season. He was occasionally human after being promoted to High-A, but he didn't look out of place in a late Double-A trial, nor in a September cup of coffee with the big-league team. Bundy's scouting report is a list of superlatives: fastball excellent (92-95, sometimes 97-98), changeup excellent, control excellent for his age, makeup excellent, mechanics excellent. His curveball isn't perfect, but it has excellent potential. The Orioles wouldn't let him use his cutter much, telling him to concentrate on the curveball and changeup, but the cutter was excellent in high school. Oh, yeah, his stats are pretty much excellent too, the only flaw being a higher walk rate in Double-A, granted the sample is too small to be meaningful. Bundy has all the subjective and objective attributes of a number one starter, a genuine ace. He's also supremely confident in himself. Superior ability breeds superior ambition, after all. Grade A.