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2013 MLB Draft Profile: Brian Ragira, OF, Stanford

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Ragira has the potential to be a solid starting major leaguer.

Brian Ragira
Brian Ragira
Jake Roth--US Presswire

Brian Ragira, Stanford Sophomore INF (vs. UCLA) (via rkyosh007)

Brian Ragira, 1B/OF, Stanford

College Junior

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

HT/WT: 6'2"/205

Birthdate: 1/22/92 Age at Draft: 21.51

A long-limbed, lean body type is rare to find in a first baseman, but that is where Ragira plays most of the time. Looking at him, he looks more like a corner outfielder and he has the skills to project there. He isn't locked into 1B. As he fills out, he may end up there in the end but I would start him in RF. He has a plus arm that doesn't quite play plus due to a long release.

At the plate is where much of his value is. He has a strong flat swing that should generate plenty of extra base hits but not likely a lot of homers. I would bet he will be a 12-15 homer kind of guy with potential for more if he adds strength and leverage to his swing. His swing is controlled and has improved consistency since high school. He gets out on his front foot early, he waggles his bat a little and isn't perfect mechanically but he has a lot of potential.

A team that likes him will have to be happy with a high average corner guy or be willing to try to adapt his swing to create more power. He has the bat speed and quick wrist to create more pop.

Athletically, he's good not great. His parents are both Kenyan runners. He seems somewhat awkward to me on the ball field. It might be his long limbs or the fact he isn't a quick twitch type of player but the game doesn't look easy to him. That being said, he is a very good player with the capability of being a starting right fielder for whoever drafts him. I really expect him to be a 1st rounder.

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