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Baltimore Orioles Organization Discussion

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Dylan Bundy and Buck Showalter
Dylan Bundy and Buck Showalter

I am now working on the Pittsburgh Pirates prospect list. The next team in line is the Baltimore Orioles, to be followed by the Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays, Miami Marlins, and Houston Astros.

Use this thread to discuss the Baltimore Orioles organization. Some possible themes for discussion:

**Yah! Playoff team and 96 wins. There was clearly some luck involved here, but there's no doubt the team is improved. How sustainable do you think this is? Will the Orioles win 90 or more games next year?
**Manny Machado exceeded rookie qualifications so he won't show up on prospect lists. What do you expect he'll do next year? Would you take over or under on the following line: .275/.321/.460.
**The system has a pair of potential rotation anchors in phenom Dylan Bundy and former Louisiana State ace Kevin Gausman. If you were running the farm system, where would you send them to begin 2013?
**The farm system lacks depth beyond the top two, especially in position players with a chance to make an impact. What's the best strategy to address this flaw?
**As always, feel free to point out any sleeper prospects that you like.