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Detroit Tigers Organization Discussion

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Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski
Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski
Jason Miller

I am now working on the Top 20 list for the San Francisco Giants. The next team in line is the Detroit Tigers, to be followed by the Pittsburgh Pirates, Baltimore Orioles, and Chicago Cubs.

Use this thread to discuss the Tigers organization. The Tigers have been aggressive about making trades using prospects. Their draft investments haven't been especially notable the last two years, but they seem to put a lot into Latin America.

Some possible points of discussion:

**Which prospects, if any, are ready to contribute in 2013?
**Is there a possibility that Nick Castellanos overrated? Might he turn into Josh Vitters?
**What would you do with Avisail Garcia? Is he ready to help at all?
**The 2012 draft lacked a first round pick and had a small bonus pool. The Tigers responded by picking a couple of high school players early, then went heavy with college guys, emphasizing pitching. What do you think of that strategy?
**Any sleeper prospects that you like?