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San Francisco Giants Organization Discussion

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Christian Petersen

I am currently working on the Kansas City Royals prospect list. The next team in line is the San Francisco Giants, to be followed by the Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Baltimore Orioles.

Use this thread to discuss the Giants farm system, point out sleepers that you like, etc. Some possible points of discussion:

**Will Gary Brown live up to his potential or is he destined to be a reserve outfielder?
**Do you have any hope that Francisco Peguero will develop enough skills to make his tools useful?
**Clayton Blackburn had an outstanding year in the South Atlantic League. Do you buy into his chances to maintain this at higher levels?
**Blackburn's teammate Kyle Crick. . .could he turn into another Matt Cain?
**What, if anything, would you change about the way this farm system operates? Are you happy with the 2012 draft?
**As always, feel free to point out any sleepers or underrated prospects that you like.