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Minnesota Twins Organization Discussion

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Marilyn Indahl - Getty Images

It is time to begin our yearly organization discussions. For you new readers, basically what happens here is that you get to see how some of the sausage is made as I work on the 2013 Baseball Prospect Book.

By tradition, the first three teams on the list are the Twins, Braves, and Royals.

So let's get started and discuss the Minnesota Twins farm system. The major league team currently stinks, and the general consensus entering 2012 was that the farm system, while not empty, wasn't in great shape either, with a particular lack of impact pitching standing out as a significant weakness. Has that changed?

Did the 2012 draft help? Many Twins fans seemed disappointed that the Twins weren't more aggressive with their drafting this year. Do you agree with those concerns? Are there any particular sleepers you like in this system?

In terms of specific players, do you trust what Aaron Hicks did in Double-A this year? Are you worried about Miguel Sano's strikeout issues?

Discuss the Minnesota Twins!