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Here is an update on what's going on around here.

**I am working on the Atlanta Braves Top 20 List. I do not have an ETA on this. Next Wednesday would be the latest and I'm hope it will be sooner, but it is hard to be exact. There is a lot of research to do and I have other things going on, see the next point.

**I am flying out to Arizona tomorrow to speak at Ron Shandler's Arizona Fall League First Pitch conference and to take in a few fall league games.I'll update you on anything interesting that I see or hear. I will be back here late Sunday night and will return to normal operations on Monday.

**Because I will be traveling, conferencing, and watching games, I don't know exactly when the Braves list will be done. Because I still use primitive things like paper and notebooks, I can't drag all my research materials and stuff with me to Arizona.

**Once I am back home, the posting rate for the Top 20s will increase quickly through November and December. It's gonna get really busy around here!

**Buy my book! I will have plenty of book excerpts for you here in the coming weeks to tempt you. There will be reports on over 1,000 players in the book. We are taking pre-orders and need as many as possible so we know how many books to print. The book will ship around February 1st, 2013.

**Thanks for your patience!