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Kansas City Royals Organization Discussion

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General Manager Dayton Moore
General Manager Dayton Moore
Ed Zurga

I am now working on the Atlanta Braves Top 20 Prospects list. The next team in line is the Kansas City Royals, to be followed by the San Francisco Giants, Detroit Tigers, and Pittsburgh Pirates.

Use this thread to discuss the state of the Kansas City Royals organization. There are many tracks this discussion could take....some possibilities:

Are there any sleeper prospects that you feel deserve more attention than they receive? Are you worried about Bubba Starling's ability to hit at higher levels? How do you get Wil Myers in the lineup in 2013? What do you do about the attrition rate among with pitching prospects? What do you do about Mike Montgomery?

Is Jake Odorizzi a lock for the starting rotation at this point? Do you worry about his fly ball tendencies becoming a problem?

And the ultimate question: Will the Royals be competitive any time soon, or is Dayton Moore's vaunted "Process" just so much propaganda dust at this point?