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Do You Play Baseball Computer Games?

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This is the kind of computer game I remember playing
This is the kind of computer game I remember playing, the newest Vox Media property, launches today. Polygon focuses on gaming, and you can find all the details here.There is a good background piece at here.

In honor of the launch, I have a baseball-related question for you. I promise this has nothing to do with marketing or usual with questions like this, I'm just trying to satisfy my own curiosity and understand our community better.

Anyway, the question: do you play baseball-related computer games? Does anyone play NON-computer baseball games like Stratomatic? If you do play such games, do you find that they enhance your enjoyment of real baseball?

I used to play games like that and found that they did, but now that I'm an old man of 44, I don't have the time to really indulge in such pursuits anymore. But what about you guys?