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Atlanta Braves Organization Discussion

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Andrelton Simmons
Andrelton Simmons
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

I am hard at work on the Minnesota Twins Top 20 Prospects List for 2013.

The next team on the list is the Atlanta Braves, to be followed by the Kansas City Royals.

As always, we begin the Braves process with a community organization discussion. What do you think of the Braves farm system? My impression is that it has pitching depth, but that despite the development of Andrelton Simmons, things are not as impressive on the hitting side. Do you agree?

Other potential discussion points:

**Julio do we make of him?
**Evan Gattis...old prospect but he sure hits. How do you grade him?
**Aaron Northcraft: sleeper who is waking up?
**What other sleepers/overlooked guys do you like?

Discuss away!