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2011 MLB Draft: Chicago White Sox Report

The White Sox have spent less on the draft than almost every team over the last several years, this year was no exception. They stick with draft slots and don't even push to get the best talent for those slots, so in the end, the White Sox poor farm system never gets replenished. There are a few guys in this draft that have a chance to help the big league club at some point, but don't expect any stars. If any come from this group, the scouts and the developmental program should be highly credited.

Keenyn Walker, an OF from Central Arizona CC, has a ton of physical ability but hasn't translated it into skills yet. He is a very fast player and a good defender in CF but his bat is erratic. He is a raw player and is more the type of player that should go in the 8th-10th round instead of the supplemental round. His tools justify the move, but I wouldn't have reached for him there.

Erik Johnson was the bulldog ace for California this season. He is 6'2", 240 and is a workhorse who can run it up to 94 or 95. He has a good change and a nice breaking ball as well. His mechanics are erratic and he isn't overly athletic but at worst he will be a good set up man. He could be a #3 guy and eat 200 innings if everything works right for him and he can iron out his mechanics a little.

Jeff Soptic, a righty out of Johnson County CC in Kansas, has a rocket for an arm. He can hit triple digits but he is another raw product. He flashes a plus slider and with the velocity he has, he looks like he could be a back of the bullpen kind of guy. He could be a #2 starter if he improves his command and develops an average changeup.

Kyle McMillen is another righty from a small school, Kent State. He is 6'2, 200 with a low 90's fastball and a solid slider. He looks like a back of the rotation guy if everything goes right. He had two very poor games in Rookie league after his debut, so hopefully 2012 goes better for him.

Scott Snodgrass is a big lefty with low 90's velocity. He could grow into a #5 starter or swingman with improvement in his command.

Marcus Semien is a glove first SS that will likely end up at 2B. Yep, you read that right. He is a future 2B with a poor bat.

Ian Gardeck didn't sign and should improve his draft stock after a year at Alabama.

David Herbeck could be interesting since he could stay at SS and had a very good year at the plate.

Kyle Robinson has a ton of power and could be a solid organizational player that could be a 4A power hitter and a cup of coffee in the majors.

Bryce Mosier is a Catcher from El Cajon, California who could improve enough to be an average catcher and his bat has some potential. If you are looking for a late round sleeper for the Sox, he is your guy.