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Thinking about Brett Lawrie

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In late May, I wrote a scouting report on Toronto Blue Jays prospect Brett Lawrie after seeing him play for Las Vegas. I talked about his approach to hitting, his incredible bat speed, and his energy and intensity on the field. I also focused on his defense, and concluded that he just needed more experience at the position and that he would be a good defender at the hot corner in time. It was a very optimistic report, overall.

Lawrie has obviously been excellent in his first major league exposure for the Blue Jays. The stats are excellent, .325/.402/.667 so far, in 181 plate appearances, 13 walks, 24 strikeouts, six steals without being caught. And statistically, at least, his defense has been quite good, with a UZR/150 of 13.1. Overall, he has a 2.4 WAR already in 34 major league games.

I am interested in the observations of Blue Jays fans or others who have seen Lawrie play frequently since he has reached the majors. What do you think of his hitting approach? Are you optimistic about his glove? What about his personality? The report I wrote back in May was very positive and I'm quite glad Lawrie is playing well.