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2012 Draft Class: Nelson Rodriguez

Nelson Rodriguez is an enormous Catcher out of George Washington High School in New York. He is listed at 6'2" and 215 lbs. I thik he may even be bigger than that. Behind the dish, he is an enormous target. He is agile enough to block balls in the dirt well. He has a big arm but a slow release grading out about average. He has big power potential but his swing is a little inconsistent. He has great bat speed. He's not a slow runner but he's not fast either. He'll only slow down as he gets bigger though. He looks like a top 10 round talent to me and could go as high as the third if a team believes in his defensive ability. He looks like a potential starting catcher in the majors but may be a C/1B type that can hit .260/.330/.470.

Here is a video of him: