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2011 MLB Draft: Milwaukee Brewers Draft Report

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Milwaukee landed a pair of very good college pitchers that got a bit undersold thanks to the amount of depth at that position in this class. Adding them along with a handful of high upside high schoolers is a much needed shot to a depleted farm system.

Steve Fiorindo's video of 6th Rounder, Danny Keller

Pick Player School Pos B/T Ht Wt DOB Class
12 Jungmann, Taylor University of Texas RHP R/R 6'06" 220 12/18/1989 JR
Like Danny Hultzen and Trevor Bauer, Taylor Jungmann was a college pitcher with an advanced ability to pitch. He was not always at his best hell, it may not even have been very often that he was at his best – but he almost always seemed to find a way to gut out performances and put up zeros. Physically, he's tall and thin with well developed shoulders; there may be some room left to add a bit of muscle to his frame. The first thing that jumps out is an awkward delivery in which the arm doesn't seem to be in sync with his body. It's not smooth, and there is some effort in the arm action as it whips through at a 3/4 angle. I sympathize with those who have a big problem with that aspect of his game, but an odd thing happens when I've watched his outings: the delivery gradually becomes familiar. It works well for him, and I don't advocate making changes. My biggest issue with the delivery, in fact, might be with how poorly of a fielding position he often ends up in. Between the finish to his delivery, his size, and present level of athleticism, he did not look comfortable fielding his position, and he employed a slingy side arm throwing motion to the bases.

The fastball velocity is a tick above-average, sitting in the low 90s with the ability to hit some mid 90s readings deep into games. What makes the pitch remarkable is the excellent late arm side run and sink that makes it extremely difficult to elevate. Jungmann shows extreme confidence in the pitch, challenging hitters to put it in play. His curve ball sits in the mid to upper 70s with significant depth and sharp 12-7 break when thrown well. It can work very effectively as a chase pitch, but it is inconsistent; he has a tendency to lose sharpness on the pitch, leaving him with the kind of depth that will work at the lower levels but could be exploited in the higher he ascends. His slider can also miss bats with late 1-7 break, usually in the mid 80s. He could throw the pitch for strikes, and use it as a chase pitch out of the zone, low and away to right handed hitters. The curve ball and slider have fairly similar movement, and it wouldn't surprise me to see one scrapped in pro ball. His change up is firm with occasional sharp arm side fade and some drop. It is his most inconsistent and least developed pitch, but there's some promise there. Jungmann's control is usually good, but the fastball command is rather mediocre. He occasionally loses his release point and gets into funks where he cannot find the plate, whether it be releasing late or having the pitch sail up and arm side on him.

To return to my initial point, Taylor Jungmann is a pitcher. He does an excellent job battling through whatever deficiency he encounters in a particular outing. I like him as a good mid rotation work horse.
15 Bradley, Jed Georgia Tech University LHP L/L 6'04" 224 6/12/1990 JR
Jed Bradley is one of the few top college prospects that managed to allude me in 2011. I watched multiple Georgia Tech games, but Bradley's games always seemed to be unavailable for various reasons. He has excellent size and works with a very smooth, low effort delivery. He was a potential top 10 pick for most of the season before limping into the finish. He provides nice value for Milwaukee at 15th overall. Rather than detailing the stuff, I'll just provide you with a link to Mike Newman's notes when he had a chance to see him in March:
70 Lopez, Jorge Caguas Military Academy (PR) RHP R/R 6'04" 165 2/10/1993 HS
Puerto Rican baseball has not fared particularly well thanks to being forced into the draft mechanism that is tailored for united States amateurs. The highly athletic Jorge Lopez was the stand out talent from the island this year. As I'm sure you can gleam from the listed height and weight, projection is the name of the game here. His fastball already shows average velocity, and there's reason to believe that there's more in there if he can get stronger. The curve ball shows plus potential as well. Lopez offers excellent upside for a system that definitely needs some.
100 Gagnon, Andrew California State University - Long Beach RHP R/R 6'04" 190 6/26/1990 JR
Drew Gagnon was a 10th round pick for the Pittsburgh Pirates back in 2008. The two parties couldn't reach an agreement, leading him to honor his commitment to Long Beach State. His stock was boosted thanks to his Cape Cod performance last summer. There were some hopes that he could get as high as the supplemental round, but his spring was solid more than spectacular. Gagnon has a very simple delivery and delivers the ball with a 3/4 arm slot. The release point can vary and lead to control issues. His fastball shows good arm side run but lacks premium velocity and can get hittable as a result. His curve ball is tight with 1-7 break and his change has decent action with some arm side fade and drop. He's extremely slow with runners on base to the point where I felt he was paying too much attention to the runner.
131 Ramirez, Nicholas California State University - Fullerton 1B L/L 6'03" 225 8/1/1989 JR
Nick Ramirez was a big contributor for Cal State Fullerton, both offensively and defensively. He served as one of their few power threats and as bullpen ace. On the mound, his stuff was fringy and more suited for college ball than the professional levels. That's not to say there aren't questions at the plate, however. He's limited to first base defensively; the power stands out on the small ball minded Fullerton teams, but I don't know if it will be enough to profile at his position. I was very surprised to see him get draft ahead of his teammate sharing the same surname, Noe Ramirez (no relation).
161 Reed, Michael Leander HS (TX) CF R/R 6'00" 190 11/18/1992 HS
Ole Miss has a reputation for landing their big recruits, Senquez Golson is one of whom made it on campus; instead, Michael Reed opted for the $500K bonus that Milwaukee had to offer. Reed would have likely played both ways at Oxford but will focus on offense in pro ball. He may not have the tools to stick in center field, profiling best in right field where his arm strength should play quite well. At the plate, Reed has a quiet swing and does a good job barreling pitches. 
191 Keller, Danny Newbury Park HS (CA) RHP R/R 6'05" 190 6/30/1992 HS
Keller is tall with a good bit of room to fill out. His delivery doesn't involve too much effort, and he is blessed with good arm speed. He was committed to Cal State Northridge, signing for the maximum slot figure of $150K to forgo college. He'll need to add a good bit of refinement to his game in pro ball, but he's certainly someone to keep an eye on.
221 Goforth, David University of Mississippi RHP R/R 5'11" 180 10/11/1988 SR
David Goforth is the owner of a big fastball, but he was never the kind of performer that Ole Miss hoped he'd become. His transition to the starting rotation during his Sophomore season was disastrous.  He showed a bit more refinement during his Junior year, enough to hold down the Saturday rotation spot. His future in pro ball will likely be out of the bullpen where he can blow fastballs by hitters without worrying too much about the off-speed.
251 Houle, Dustin Brookswood Secondary School (BC) C R/R 6'01" 205 11/9/1993 HS
281 Dowell, Malcolm La Grange HS (GA) CF R/R 5'11" 185 4/21/1993 HS
311 Strong, Michael Oklahoma State University LHP L/L 6'00" 175 11/17/1988 SR
Mike Strong is a quality performing college starter who held down the Friday spot for Oklahoma State this year. He works with a solid fastball/curve ball combination, but his lack of ideal size will likely lead him to a future role out of the bullpen. He's currently adjusting to pro ball in the Pioneer League.
341 Toledo, Thomas University of Florida RHP R/R 6'03" 190 12/13/1988 SR
Thanks to Tommy John Surgery in 2009, Toledo has not had the smoothest of careers at Florida. He emerged as an important piece in 2011, showing his characteristic arm strength out of the bullpen. Paired with the fastball was a quality change-up. Toledo is getting a chance to start in the Pioneer League – with an encouraging number of strikeouts – but I see him as a bullpen arm long term.
371 Cain, Andrew University of North Carolina at Wilmington OF R/R 6'06" 220 3/24/1990 JR
401 Smith, Mallex Rickards HS (FL) CF L/R 5'09" 155 5/6/1993 HS
431 Barnes, Jacob Florida Gulf Coast University RHP R/R 6'02" 230 4/14/1990 JR
461 Moye, Andrew Georgia Southern University RHP R/R 6'05" 180 9/11/1987 5S
491 Rodon, Carlos Holly Springs HS (NC) LHP L/L 6'02" 211 12/10/1992 HS
Carlos Rodon did not sign with the Brewers; instead, he, along with Padres supplemental pick Brett Austin, will form the core of the future NC State team. He currently works with a pair of breaking balls, both of which are sharp with pretty good shape. The fastball doesn't have elite velocity just yet, but it does feature some good arm side run. As he gains refinement and strength, he could add a tick or two to it. How consistent he is this fall will likely determine whether he lands a weekend rotation spot. Mazzoni is gone, leaving the opportunity open for Rodon to emerge as the staff ace in short measure.
521 Amaral, Mario Ronald Reagan Senior HS (FL) C R/R 6'01" 205 10/14/1993 HS
551 McFarland, Christopher Lufkin HS (TX) SS R/R 6'00" 200 11/24/1992 HS
McFarland had a solid summer, showcasing a good hit tool, some power potential, and solid tools. Still, they're not short stop caliber tools, and a move to some other infield spot is likely to occur in pro ball. He parlayed a Rice commitment into a $315K bonus as an 18th rounder; I'm mildly surprised it didn't cost Milwaukee more to lure him away from school.
581 Jenkins, Renaldo Whitewater HS (GA) SS R/R 6'00" 190 3/1/1993 HS
611 Williamson, Brandon Dallas Baptist University RHP R/R 6'03" 180 4/22/1989 SR
641 Nemeth, Mike University of Connecticut 1B L/R 6'01" 200 4/4/1989 SR
Nemeth was a fixture in the middle of UConn's batting order, usually following first rounder, George Springer. He's the typical college first baseman who has a decent approach at the plate but lacks tools outside of his bat. The power is very fringy for the position, leaving him as more of an organizational player.
671 Jones, Dennis Jefferson Davis HS (AL) CF R/R 6'03" 185 9/4/1992 HS
701 McMahan, Benjamin University of Florida C R/R 6'00" 201 10/14/1989 JR
McMahan was a solid recruit for Florida with good defensive skills, but there was a problem. Mike Zunino attended the same school, and Mike Zunino is an elite player that will be in the lineup everyday. For another team, McMahan would have likely been a fixture behind the plate. He was simply a casualty of Florida's ridiculous amount of talent. I don't know what kind of bat he will show in pro ball, but I like the idea of taking him quite a bit.
731 Palazzone, Michael University of Georgia RHP R/R 6'02" 190 5/6/1989 JR
Palazzone is a good college pitcher with a fastball that touches 90 but lives in the mid to upper 80s. The late sink makes it a good pitch. His change up has similar movement, but lacks great action. The curve ball is big and very slow, leaving it often on the loopy side of the spectrum. He also has a slider with late 1-7 movement without much depth. Palazzone is a strike thrower who is long on control but a bit light on command. Georgia will welcome him back for his senior year. He should be a good senior sign in 2012.
761 Berberet, Parker Oregon St University C R/R 6'04" 205 10/20/1989 SR
Berberet filled in admirably behind the plate for Andrew Susac when he was shelved with a broken hamate bone mid season. When Susac was in the lineup, he saw some time at first base. Throughout the year, he gave the Beavers leadership and solid production. Pro ball may not go quite as well, but I wanted to highlight him for his service at Oregon State.
791 Smith, Joshua Wichita State University LHP L/L 6'03" 194 10/11/1989 JR
821 Thompson, Chad Orange Coast College RHP R/R 6'08" 210 2/6/1991 J2
851 Kimbell, BreShon Mesquite HS (TX) C R/R 6'01" 210 11/6/1992 HS
Kimbell will honor his Louisiana Tech commitment where he hopes he proves capable behind the plate. If that were to happen, his power could make him an intriguing 2014 draftee.
881 Lucroy, David Umatilla HS (FL) RHP R/R 6'02" 202 9/3/1992 HS
911 Boras, Trent Junipero Serra Catholic HS (CA) 3B L/R 5'11" 170 6/26/1992 HS
941 Albury, Sean Nova Southeastern University RHP R/R 5'11" 180 3/24/1989 SR
971 Rodriguez, Alfredo University of Maryland, College Park SS R/R 6'00" 175 5/26/1990 JR
1001 Okert, Steven Grayson County College LHP L/L 6'03" 210 7/9/1991 J2
1031 Weisenburger, Adam Miami University C R/R 5'10" 185 12/13/1988 SR
1061 Elliot, Douglas University of Connecticut C R/R 6'02" 210 8/31/1988 SR
1091 Conner, Mitchell Elon University RHP R/R 6'03" 210 7/26/1989 SR
1121 Medlen, Casey University of North Florida RHP R/R 6'00" 155 8/4/1989 SR
1151 Pierce, Chad University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee RHP R/R 6'01" 215 11/20/1987 SR
1181 Glynn, Elliott University of Connecticut LHP L/L 6'01" 160 1/13/1989 SR
1211 Aldridge, Kenton Glenwood School (AL) C L/R 6'02" 180 7/20/1992 HS
1241 Harris, Jalen Lambrick Park SS 3B R/R 6'02" 210 7/7/1992 HS
1271 Whalen, Caleb Union HS (WA) SS R/R 6'02" 180 10/19/1992 HS
1301 Wilson, Clinton Navarro College RHP R/R 6'00" 215 4/12/1992 J1
1331 Adam, Steven Ecole Secondaire L'Essor CF L/L 5'11" 170 5/20/1993 HS
1361 Williams, Adrian University of California, Los Angeles SS R/R 6'00" 175 1/3/1991 JR
1391 Christian, Ahmad Trinity Christian Academy (FL) SS S/R 6'00" 190 11/23/1993 HS
1421 Tarazona, Jecid North Broward Prep HS (FL) CF R/R 6'03" 195 9/12/1993 HS
1451 Francisco, Michael Villanova University LHP R/L 6'04" 224 8/4/1988 SR
1481 Elmore, David Yale University 2B R/R 5'07" 175 9/9/1988 SR
1511 Franco, Matthew St Thomas Aquinas HS (FL) RF L/L 6'01" 200 12/9/1992 HS


Jeff Reese is a member of Bullpen Banter. He can be reached at or via twitter. An index of his College Baseball Notes series can be accessed here.