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While a lot of the 1st rounders aren't signed yet, most if not all will sign by the deadline on Monday night. Robert Stephenson, the Reds top pick, is the one 1st rounder I have heard issues that seem like it could hinder him signing.  Jose Fernandez and the Marlins seem to be a ways apart but I think that is in both parties best interest to sign.

Tyler Beede, who sent a letter to all teams to not draft him, was drafted 21st overall by the Jays and are reportedly still far apart as reported by Jonathan Mayo. That may increase the chances that they sign Daniel Norris away from Clemson  or they may spread out that money and try to get Matt Dean, Cole Wiper, or a few others later picks with some upside.

The Pirates had the first pick in the second round and rolled the dice on Josh Bell. I think it is a 99% likelihood that he goes to Texas.

Austin Hedges may give the Padres a hometown discount since he prefers to stay on the West Coast but it hasn't happened yet but it's almost 100% that they will get Michael Kelly away from Florida.

C.J. Cron signed early with the Angels and tore up the Pioneer League hitting 13 homers in just 143 AB's but he dislocated his knee cap and may miss the rest of the season. He needs shoulder surgery in the off season, so it may be best if he just ends his year a little early to make sure he is fully healed for spring training and his full season debut. He may start in Low A ball but I think he could even hold his own in High A ball, although it would be a challenge.

Kevin Cron, C.J.'s brother, has already checked in to his dorm at TCU, so it doesn't look like the Mariners will get him signed.

Matt Purke has been to Washington for a physical but I haven't heard how far apart they are.

Bryan Brickhouse should sign soon with the Royals.

Connor Barron, the Marlins 3rd round pick may be headed to Southern Mississippi to take over for recently signed B.A. Vollmuth. The fact he would start as a freshman may increase his chances of going to college.

There are a lot of unsigned college players yet. I think a lot of them in the top 5 rounds will sign, but if not, there could be some nice senior picks next year.

Tyler Glasnow signed with the Pirates for $600,000, which honestly confuses me. He was committed to Portland and is VERY raw. He has a lot of potential as he is 6'7" and athletic, but he wasn't on many radars as far as I knew. This is proof that it just takes one team, though.

Yankees 5th rounder Greg Bird will sign, 100%. He has huge power projection but will be a 1B, not a catcher. They will also likely sign Jake Cave from the 6th round.

I'm interested to see what happens with Josh Osich and San Francisco. He is already 22 and should sign but he still has another year of eligibility, so you never know. He could help in the majors quickly as a reliever but could be a #2 starter if he is healthy.

The Indians has went aggressively overslot two years in a row on a catcher. Last year it was Alex Lavisky, this year it is Eric Haase. He doesn't have the skills Lavisky did and he will need time, but he has quite a bit of potential.

The Cubs signed Trevor Gretzky, Wayne's son, for $375,000. He has good bloodlines but is very raw for a SoCal kid.

The Red Sox may still have $7-8 Million dollars of signings announced as late as Monday night.

Seattle could make a similar splash if they would sign the top picks they have left.