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Prospects in the Jonny Gomes Trade

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Prospects in the Jonny Gomes Trade

The Cincinnati Reds traded outfielder Jonny Gomes to the Washington Nationals yesterday, opening up a spot for prospect Yonder Alonso. In exchange, the Reds received a pair of prospects, pitcher Chris Manno and outfielder Bill Rhinehart. Here is a look at their backgrounds.

Chris Manno, LHP:  The Nationals drafted Manno in the 26th round in 2010 from Duke University. A 6-3, 170 pound lefty, Manno had a 1.04 ERA with a spectacular 69/15 K/BB in 43 innings for Low-A Hagerstown, with 20 hits allowed and 12 saves. All of his numbers are terrific this year, but he has average stuff, throwing an 86-89 MPH fastball along with an average slider and curve. He's tough on lefties and could be a LOOGY-type bullpen asset at higher levels. Despite his excellent numbers, he's a Grade C prospect pending data against better competition.

Bill Rhinehart, OF: Rhinehart was drafted in the 11th round by the Nationals in 2007, from the University of Arizona. He's having a fine year in Double-A, with a .283/.376/.587 mark and 21 homers for Harrisburg, with 39 walks and 59 strikeouts in 276 at-bats. His tools are mediocre and he's already 26 years old, but he's got some pop in his bat and might have some use as a reserve. At worst he's good roster filler for the upper minors. Grade C.