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2011 MLB Draft: Arizona Diamondbacks Draft Report

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The Diamondbacks loaded up their system with power arms.

1-Trevor Bauer-RHP-UCLA

Bauer was the 2011 Golden Spikes Award winner for being the most outstanding player in the NCAA. Despite winning the award he wasn't even the first Bruin selected as the Pirates took his teammate Gerrit Cole with the 1st overall pick. Bauer has a unique delivery that has earned comparisons to the Giants Tim Lincecum to go with a unique warm up regimen and long toss program. There was some controversy about his pitch counts this year, as he consistently threw over 120 pitches.

1-Archie Bradley-RHP-HS (Oklahoma)

Bradley was part of a banner year for Oklahoma prep arms and was only outmatched by Dylan Bundy who went 4 picks earlier to Baltimore. Bradley's fastball touched triple digits this year to go with a very good curveball. Bradley has good athleticism as he had a football scholarship to go to the University of Oklahoma. Arizona must sign Bradley as he is a compensation pick for not signing Barrett Loux last year.

1S-Andrew Chafin-LHP-Kent State

Chafin was one of my favorite pitchers in the draft last year. He missed last year recovering from Tommy John surgery, but one benefit of that is that he improved on his change up to go with his above average slider. This year he showed good control, though he did fatigue a bit down the stretch. He has a #3 starter upside.

2-Anthony Meo-RHP-Coastal Carolina

Meo was a guy who looked at times like a potential 1st round pick but slipped to the 2nd round mainly due to his lack of a 3rd pitch. He has a good fastball and a good slider and could move quickly in relief if Arizona chooses to go that route with him.

3-Justin Bianco-OF-HS (Pennsylvania)

Bianco was a bit of a surprise pick but given that Arizona spent their first four picks on high profile guys, signability probably played a role with this pick. Bianco is strong and projects well but he'll be a long term project. He has already signed.

4-Evan Marshall-Kansas State

Marshall started the year in Kansas State's bullpen but his Fastball/Slider combination played very well in the bullpen which is likely where he'll play in pro ball. He has already signed.

5-Michael Perez-C-HS (Puerto Rico)

Perez is a raw pick but he has good tools including a good arm and above average bat speed. He hasn't spent a lot of time catching so he'll need time to adjust to catching everyday.

6-Matt Price-RHP-South Carolina

Price served as the closer for the College World Series champion South Carolina Gamecocks. His velocity has been a bit inconsistent over his career but he should move quickly and could join the DBacks bullpen.

7-Ben Roberts-OF-HS (Montana)

Roberts is a toolsy OF who impressed in workouts because Montana doesn't play HS baseball. His athleticism stands out as he got a football scholarship to mid major powerhouse Boise State. Roberts is still raw as a baseball player and would be a long term project.

8-Jesse Darrah-RHP-Fresno Pacific

Darrah has a projectable frame and good stuff with a good fastball, change up and improving curveball. He is also a strong competitior on the mound. He has already signed with Arizona.

9-John Leonard-SS-HS (Pennsylvania)

Leonard is the brother of the Braves Joe Leonard, a 3rd round pick last year. John isn't quite as good but his bloodlines certainly aren't a detriment. Leonard has already signed.

10-Kyle Winkler-RHP-TCU

Winkler was looking like a potential 1st day pick after he had become the de-facto ace due to Matt Purke's injury and inconsistency. Then on the Saturday before the draft Winkler left the game grabbing his elbow. Depending on how his arm heals he could get an overslot deal or, like Purke, he could return to TCU.

11-Will Locante-LHP-Cumberland

12-Josh Parr-SS-Illinois

13-John Pedrotty-LHP-Holy Cross

Pedrotty was a teammate of Red Sox prospect Ryan Westmoreland, and has an 88-92 MPH Fastball.

14-Cody Geyer-RHP-Walters State CC

15-Steve Rodriguez-C-UCLA

Rodriguez isn't a good hitter but he's sound defensively and has caught Trevor Bauer the past 3 years.

16-Michael Blake-LHP-Hawaii

17-Adam Choplick-LHP-HS (Texas)

Choplick is listed at 6'8 245 lbs and returned from Tommy John surgery this summer. He has a good fastball but lacks secondaries though his ability to repeat his delivery is solid for someone his size. He is an Oklahoma commit.

18-Taylor Siemens-LHP-California Baptist

19-Danny Pulfer-2B-Oregon

20-Tommy Williams-SS-HS (Florida)

21-John Griffin-1B-Central Florida

22-Garrett Weber-SS-Fresno State

23-Ryan Court-3B-Illinois State

24-Matt Ogden-RHP-HS (Colorado)

25-Brett Williams-OF-North Carolina State

26-Austin Platt-RHP-HS (Florida)

27-Wyatt Strahan-RHP-HS (California)

28-Matt Sample-RHP-Rogers State

29-Carter Bell-3B-Oregon State

30-Dexter Price-RHP-South Carolina-Beaufort

31-Matt Jensen-2B-Cal Poly

32-Alex Vetter-RHP-Feather River JC

Similar in some ways to Adam Choplick, as Vetter is big (6'7 225 lbs) and at this point is relient on his fastball.

33-Anthony Banda-LHP-HS (Texas)

34-Zach Jones-C-Stanford

35-Ross Gerdeman-RHP-Bowling Green State

36-Brian Henry-C-Keystone

37-Elroy Urbina-LHP-Incarnate Word

38-Kerry Jenkins-OF-San Jose State

39-Chris Ellison-OF-Oklahoma

40-Seth Simmons-RHP-East Carolina

41-Michael Cederoth-RHP-HS (California)

Cederoth first got attention for showing a strong arm at the Area Code Games. He showed inconsistent velocity this spring. He is part of a strong San Diego State recruiting class.

42-Tyler Bream-3B-Liberty

He is the son of Sid Bream.

43-Alex Capaul-RHP-Hawaii

44-Derek Luciano-3B-Central Florida

45-Jake Lane-OF-HS (Florida)

46-Joe Loftus-OF-Vanderbilt

47-Tucker Ward-RHP-HS (Mississippi)

48-Raymond Hernandez-RHP-Cal State Fullerton

49-Jake Williams-1B-South Mountain CC

50-David Masters-SS-HS (Missouri)