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2011 MLB Draft: National League West Division Draft Reviews

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Executive Vice President & General Manager Kevin Towers of the Arizona Diamondbacks achieves Nirvana while contemplating Trevor Bauer and Archie Bradley in the same starting rotation. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Executive Vice President & General Manager Kevin Towers of the Arizona Diamondbacks achieves Nirvana while contemplating Trevor Bauer and Archie Bradley in the same starting rotation. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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We will start our draft review with the NL West.

These reviews are expanded versions of the capsules I posted this morning at Baseball Nation.

2011 MLB Draft Review: National League West

Arizona Diamondbacks: The Diamondbacks laid the foundation of an outstanding pitching staff with this draft. Fireballing RHP Trevor Bauer (UCLA) and Archie Bradley (Oklahoma HS) at the top of the draft could both become number one starters. Kent State LHP Andrew Chafin (supplemental) and Coastal Carolina RHP Anthony Meo (2nd round) also have outstanding arms. Justin Blanco (3rd round, Pennsylvania HS) didn't get much pre-draft attention but has solid tools. Evan Marshall (4th round, Kansas State) could be a fine setup man and should advance quickly.
OF Ben Roberts (7th round, Montana HS) isn't quite Brandon Nimmo but he does have good tools. RHP Jesse Darrah (8th round, Fresno Pacific) is a small college ace, LHP John Pedrotty (13th round, Holy Cross) has great command, LHP Adam Choplick (17th round, Texas HS) could be quite good if they can sign him away from college. Overall, this class looks outstanding to me.

Colorado Rockies: This is a balanced class with a wide variety of tools, polish, and background. Polished LHP Tyler Anderson (Oregon) won't need long in the minors, while SS Trevor Story (Texas HS) was a great supplemental pick but might need time for his bat to catch up with the glove. OF Carl Thomore (2nd round, New Jersey HS) and C Pete O'Brien (3rd round, Bethune-Cookman) provide plenty of power. OF Dillon Thomas (4th round, Texas HS),SS Taylor Featherston (5th round, TCU), RHP Chris Jensen (6th round, San Diego), and 1B Harold Riggins (7th round, NC State) are all solid-but-unspectacular selections.

Sleepers: RHP Ross Stripling (9th round, Texas A&M), RHP Ben Hughes (10th round, St. Olaf), and RHP Patrick Johnson (25th round, North Carolina) are college pitchers who could all exceed expectations, Stripling and Hughes in particular. Overall, not an earth-shattering draft, but not a bad one either.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Financial constraints imposed by MLB were obvious here, although you can see how Logan White tried to work around it. LHP Chris Reed out of Stanford was a slight but not terrible overdraft, but 3B Alex Santana (2nd round, Florida HS) likely went several rounds early. C Pratt Maynard (3rd round, NC State) can hit and draws walks but needs glove polish. The rest of the class was OK but not spectacular, with a few picks that might turn into something interesting if everything breaks right.

Sleepers: C Tyler Ogle (9th round, Oklahoma) has a good glove and underrated bat. LHP Jamaal Moore (10th round, California HS) is very projectable. SS Justin Boudreaux (14th round, Southeastern Louisiana) has pop. RHP Vince Spilker (20th round, Johnson County CC) is a big sleeper if they can sign him. Considering the circumstances this isn't a disaster.

San Diego Padres: 2B Cory Spangenberg (Indian River JC), RHP Joe Ross (California HS), RHP Michael Kelly (Florida HS), C Brett Austin (North Carolina HS), and SS Jace Peterson (McNeese State) is a great haul at the top of the draft. I like the balance between high school and college picks as well as different positions. If they can sign UCLA-bound glove specialist C Austin Hedges (2nd round) and Ohio-State bound RHP Matt Wisler (7th round), so much the better. Polished college choice Mark Pope (5th round, Georgia Tech) could be a bargain.

Sleepers: OF Kyle Gaedele (6th round, Valparaiso) was getting second-round play, RHP Colin Rea (12th round, Indiana State) has a very live arm and great mechanics. RHP Burch Smith (14th round, Oklahoma) was expected to go 10 rounds sooner and like Rea he is a great pick in this slot. I also like RHP Matt Stites (17th round, Missouri) and OF Mike Gallic (18th round, Marist) as solid value choices. This class has considerable signability risk, but if they can sign everyone (or almost everyone) this is a terrific draft.

San Francisco Giants:
First-day picks SS Joe Panik (St. John's), and RHP Kyle Crick (Texas HS) offer variety, a polished good-hitting infielder and a raw prep fireballer. C Andrew Susac (2nd round, Oregon State) and 1B Ricky Oropesa (USC) are advanced college players with strong bats. Susac will probably want first round money but I would give it to him. LHP Bryce Bandilla (4th round, Arizona), RHP Chris Marlowe (5th round, Oklahoma State), LHP Josh Osich (6th round, Oregon State), and RHP Raymond Black (7th round, Pittsburgh) all hit 95 MPH, though concerns about Osich's health dropped his stock at the last minute. He was rated as a late first round talent most of the spring.

Sleepers: RHP Derek Law (9th round, Miami-Dade CC) has scary mechanics, but throws hard and put up excellent numbers this year. OF Kentrell Hill (10th round, Arkansas Baptist) is a toolsy pick who could exceed expectations. SS Kelby Tomlinson (12th round, Texas Tech) has a very strong glove. Deep Sleeper: 1B Ben Thomas (34th round, Xavier) is big and slow but has considerable power. Overall, I would be happy with this draft if I was a Giants fan.