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2011 MLB Draft: Quick Thoughts on Day 3

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I'm not going to go with a best of for day 3 since a lot of these guys won't sign, but there were some notable picks.

The most inspirational pick of the day was the Rangers taking paralyzed Geogia OF Jonathan Taylor in the 33rd round of the draft.

Scott Boras saw his 2 sons Trent (30, Mil) a HS 3B who was Austin Hedges' HS teammate and Shane (40, Oak) a 2B from USC go in the draft today.

Speaking of agents relatives, the Giants selected Benny Sosnick in the 49th round. Sosnick is the younger brother of Matt Sosnick who represents Scott Cousins among others (Freddy Sanchez, Josh Willingham to name a couple).

In the 45th round the Angels took Notre Dame C Matt Scioscia, son of the Angels Mike.

Astros 44th Round pick Blake Ford said he'll sign tonight.

The Blue Jays once again took Jake Eliopoulos-this time in the 43rd round.

The Braves took the brother of closer Craig Kimbrel, Matt in the 32nd round

The Phillies took OF Brock Stassi from Nevada. He is the brother of A's catching prospect Max Stassi

The Nationals took Florida OF Tyler Thompson, the son of Ex-Giants 2B Robby Thompson.