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My Final Mock Draft

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It's officially draft day on the east coast and almost draft day on the west coast, so I thought I would do one final mock.

1-Pittsburgh Pirates-Gerrit Cole-RHP-UCLA

It was reported that the Pirates finally settled on Cole as the front runner over Virginia LHP Danny Hultzen and Rice 3B Anthony Rendon.

2-Seattle Mariners-Francisco Lindor-SS-HS (Florida)

An early surprise, Chris Crawford of MLB Draft Insider, revealed in his chat today that he has heard that the Mariners will take him and would be surprised if he wasn't their pick.

3-Arizona Diamondbacks-Trevor Bauer-RHP-UCLA

Keith Law tweeted that Bauer won't fall below 3, so I suppose that means he has jumped ahead of Hultzen on their list.

4-Baltimore Orioles-Anthony Rendon-3B-Rice

Baltimore could go in a bunch of different directions with Hultzen, Bundy, and Rendon all on the board.  There has been speculation that they want someone who can help them quickly and I think they end up going with the position player over the pitcher.

5-Kansas City Royals-Danny Hultzen-LHP-Virginia

The Royals have been saying they want a college pitcher and Hultzen is the best college pitcher left on the board. Kansas City could also think about Bundy with this pick.

6-Washington Nationals-Bubba Starling-OF-HS (Kansas)

Starling has reportedly been strongly linked to the toolsy OF and if he's available, I think they end up popping him.

7-Arizona Diamondbacks-Dylan Bundy-RHP-HS (Oklahoma)

The DBacks would reportedly love Bundy (or Hultzen) at 7, and would be willing to spend the money required to sign them.

8-Cleveland Indians-Sonny Gray-RHP-Vanderbilt

The Gray to Cleveland has been gaining steam of late, and it makes some sense. Gray has a very good FB/CB combo and the makings of a change up. Some think he may end up as a closer.

9-Chicago Cubs-George Springer-OF-UConn

I think this pick comes down to Archie Bradley or Springer, and in the end I think they pick the toolsy college OF.

10-San Diego Padres-Matt Barnes-RHP-UConn

The Padres pick is a hard one to lock down. They reportedly would love Springer, but (obviously) I don't have him falling. They also reportedly like Spangenburg but taking him at 10 seems a bit strong, so I think they wind up a college pitcher in Barnes.

11-Houston Astros-Archie Bradley-RHP-HS (Oklahoma)

The Astros were reportedly trying a cut a deal with Stanford LHP Chris Reed but the Astros denied this. They have also been linked to Taylor Jungmann and Bradley. I think they go with the athletic Bradley who has more upside and athleticism.

12-Milwaukee Brewers-Taylor Jungmann-RHP-Texas

Another recent link has Jungmann not making it to the Mets, despite his recent velocity drop. Jungmann should be a solid pick and fairly signable, which likely plays a role given that the Brewers have 2 top 15 picks.

13-New York Mets-Jed Bradley-LHP-Georgia Tech

The Mets are reportedly locked into a college pitcher and would reportedly love Jungmann, but with him off the board I think they'll go with the lefty from Georgia Tech,

14-Florida Marlins-Mikie Mahtook-OF-LSU

The Marlins are reportedly locked into a college player and Mahtook is the best one left on the board. The Marlins could also go with Cory Spangenberg from Indian River CC.

15-Milwaukee Brewers-Javier Baez-SS-HS (Florida)

Baez is an athletic infielder with a good hit tool and good bat speed. He has been loosely linked to the Brewers, and an interesting thought is that Baez has earned comps to Brett Lawrie who was drafted by Milwaukee.

16-Los Angeles Dodgers-Robert Stephenson-HS (California)

Stephenson to the Dodgers is a rumor that has been gaining steam, though Oregon LHP Tyler Anderson may be in their mix. Stephenson is a legit 1st round pick and should sign for slot which is why the Dodgers are interested in him.

17-Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim-Taylor Guerrieri-RHP-HS (South Carolina)

There should be a good player that drops to 17 and I think it ends up being Guerrieri who reportedly has some make up concerns.

18-Oakland Athletics-Cory Spangenberg-3B-Indian River CC

The A's are reportedly looking for bats and Spangenberg is the best hitter that shouldn't break their budget (ie Bell or Swihart). Wong, Cron, or Susac could also be in the discussion.

19-Boston Red Sox-Josh Bell-OF-HS (Texas)

Bell sent out a letter telling teams not to draft him, but most think that just means he has a huge price tag, and the Red Sox don't seem like a team that would be scared by his price tag.

20-Colorado Rockes-CJ Cron-1B-Utah

The Rockies have been strongly linked to both Cron and Hawaii 2B Kolten Wong, and more recently to Cron, so I think the Rockies end up taking Todd Helton's heir apparent.

21-Toronto Blue Jays-Daniel Norris-LHP-HS (Tennessee)

Norris is a very good lefty who reported sent a letter to teams saying he needed $3.9 million to sign. The Blue Jays spent big on the draft last year and I think they'll do it again this year, starting with Norris.

22-St. Louis Cardinals-Henry Owens-LHP-HS (California)

The Cardinals reportedly love Owens who is extremely projectable at 6'7. He is still throwing in the upper 80's/lower 90's but teams that like him think he can add velocity as he grows into his body.

23-Washington Nationals-Alex Meyer-RHP-Kentucky

There were some rumors that the Nationals would take Meyer as high as 6, so they would likely be thrilled to get him at 23. He and Starling should be expensive, but one of the highest risk/reward drafts in this class.

24-Tampa Bay Rays-Jose Fernandez-RHP-HS (Florida)

Another tough pick to lock down because the Rays are in on everybody due to their high amount of picks, but Fernandez makes some sense as he has a good FB and breaking ball and is a local product that the Rays have seen a lot of him.

25-San Diego Padres-Kolten Wong-2B-Hawaii

Wong is a guy who could very well be picked before 25, but if he's available here I think the Padres will take the sweet swinging 2B.

26-Boston Red Sox-Brandon Nimmo-OF-HS (Wyoming)

The Red Sox are reportedly in on Nimmo or a prep catcher like Blake Swihart or Austin Hedges. I think the Red Sox gamble that one of the 2 catchers are available at 36 and take the Wyoming OF here.

27-Cincinnati Reds-Levi Michael-SS-North Carolina

The Reds apparently have a strong presence at the ACC tournament looking at Michael and Florida St LHP Sean Gilmartin. There have some been some reports that they'll take Gilmartin but I think if Michael is available they'll take him.

28-Atlanta Braves-Trevor Story-SS-HS (Texas)

Atlanta is kind of a tough team to mock as they usually scout very well yet don't go overslot. I think they go with Story who has gained some helium this year and has a very strong arm and a solid chance to stay at SS as well as hit for some power.

29-San Francisco Giants-Andrew Susac-C-Oregon State

The Giants are reportedly looking hard at catchers in the wake of Buster Posey's injury and Susac is a solid all around catcher that could help them fairly quickly and while he will require an overslot deal he probably won't break their budget. The Giants could also look at a prep arm, such as Joe Ross.

30-Minnesota Twins-Sean Gilmartin-LHP-Florida St

Gilmartin is a polished lefty with a plus change up, which is similar to a lot of pitchers the Twins have. If Gilmartin is gone by this pick, Minnesota could look at Oregon LHP Tyler Anderson.

31-Tampa Bay Rays-Joe Ross-RHP-HS (California)

Another pick hard to pin down because of how many people the Rays are looking at, Ross has been linked to the Giants recently but if they go in a different direction I think the Rays will pop him and add him to their stable of young arms.

32-Tampa Bay Rays-Daniel Vogelbach-1B-HS (Florida)

The first Rays pick that actually coincides with a rumor, there has been some buzz that the Rays are trying to reach a deal with Vogelbach at this slot. Vogelbach is a big 1B with a lot of power.

33-Texas Rangers-Josh Osich-LHP-Oregon St

Osich pitched this year recovering from Tommy John surgery and has a good fastball and change up. He's another guy who could easily be taken before this spot but if he falls here I think the Rangers would pounce on him.


34-Washington Nationals-Jackie Bradley Jr-OF-South Carolina

I really like this fit, although since he's a Boras client the Nationals could go with someone more signable.

35-Toronto Blue Jays-Tyler Anderson-LHP-Oregon

The Nationals have a taken a polished pitcher early the last couple years (Jenkins, McGuire) and I think they do it again here with Anderson.

36-Boston Red Sox-Blake Swihart-C-HS (New Mexico)

Swihart, like Bell, sent a letter teams not to draft and like with Bell most people seem to think that just means he'll be expensive.

37-Texas Rangers-Dillon Howard-RHP-HS (Arkansas)

Howard is a Boras client who is reportedly floating a very high price tag. I think Osich won't be too expensive and after last year's draft the Rangers will spend to get the best players.

38-Tampa Bay Rays-Brian Goodwin-OF-Miami Dade CC

Goodwin is a toolsy OF who was kicked off the North Carolina baseball team. He transferred to Miami Dade this year where he has been OK. He is toolsy but somewhat unrefined, particularly on defense. He has a scholarship to South Carolina next year.

39-Philadelphia Phillies-Grandon Goetzman-OF-HS (Florida)

Goetzman is currently an athletic SS in Florida, but many think that he'll have to move to the OF in pro ball. He is strong and has good bat speed and his athleticism should make him attractive to Philly.

40-Boston Red Sox-Kyle Crick-RHP-HS (Texas)

Crick is the premier Texas fireballer in this draft, hitting 97 this spring. Theo Epstein went to watch him pitch in person so the Sox obviously like the kid.

41-Tampa Bay Rays-Michael Kelly-RHP-HS (Florida)

Kelly is a projectable pitcher who plays on the same team as toolsy SS Tyler Greene. He's 6'5 190 ;lb righthander who has always hit the mid 90's and that velo should continue to get higher as he fills out.

42-Tampa Bay Rays-Anthony Meo-RHP-Coastal Carolina

Meo is a guy who has good stuff but it has yet to translate into a dominant performance, and there is some thought that he may eventually have to move to the bullpen.

43-Arizona Diamondbacks-Alex Dickerson-OF-Indiana

Dickerson is a LF at Indiana and may need to shift to 1B in pro ball. He's a bat only prospect but he has a strong bat and good power. And he should be signable with should help with the Bauer and Bundy picks.

44-New York Mets-Andrew Chafin-LHP-Kent St

Chafin, like Osich, is a lefty who had Tommy John surgery. Chafin has 3 solid pitches and good command though he has dealt with arm fatigue recently. Still he looks like he has the pitches to start if his arm grows stronger.

45-Colorado Rockies-Tyler Beede-RHP-HS (Massachusetts)

The Rockies have gone with a prep pitcher who was considered a tough sign the last 2 years (Matzek, Tago) and Beede sent a letter telling teams not to contact him because he's going to Vandy. Cron should sign for slot though, so I think the Rockies will gamble on Beede's upside.

46-Toronto Blue Jays-Jorge Lopez-RHP-HS (Puerto Rico)

Lopez is the best player in Puerto Rico this year as he is a projectable right hander who has already hit the mid 90's. Lopez has a fairly high ceiling and I think the Jays take a chance on him.

47-White Sox-Chris Reed-LHP-Stanford

This pick actually has been rumored as Keith Law tweeted it recently. Reed is Stanford's closer but he has the stuff to shift into the rotation in pro ball.

48-San Diego Padres-Dillon Maples-RHP-HS (North Carolina)

Maples is a projectable RHP who has a good fastball and slider. The Padres should be able to spend on this pick after taking Barnes and Wong earlier.

49-San Francisco Giants-Ricky Oropesa-1B-USC

Under John Barr, the Giants haven't been afraid to take guys with good power but are prone to strikeouts (Roger Kieschnick, Chris Domignuez) and that describes Oropesa, who also has a strong arm but lacks the range to stay at 3B or the speed to play an OF spot.

50-Minnesota Twins-Austin Hedges-C-HS (California)

Joe Mauer's injury has raised a lot of questions about his future position and Hedges is a very sound question so I think Minnesota will take a risk on the very tough sign with this pick.

51-New York Yankees-Tyler Goeddel-3B-HS (California)

The Yankees have been linked to 4 main prep players: Goeddel, Brandon Martin, Jake Cave, and Dillon Howard. I think that Goeddel is the best fit of these available players.

52-Tampa Bay Rays-Hudson Boyd-RHP-HS (Florida)

Boyd is Vogelbach's teammate and like Vogelbach, Boyd is a pretty big guy. He reportedly has very good make up and that should help him transition well to pro ball.

53-Toronto Blue Jays-Aaron Westlake-1B-Vanderbilt

Westlake has a very nice bat and has been very productive in the middle of Vandy's line up. He should transition well and shouldn't have an issue in transitioning to pro ball.

54-San Diego Padres-Michael Fulmer-RHP-HS (Oklahoma)

It's a very strong year for Oklahoma, Bundy and Bradley are both first round picks and Fulmer is a legit prospect in his own write. He's taken a leap forward after finding a few MPH on his fastball, he also has a slider and the makings of a change up. He needs to work on his conditioning though, as he is 6'2 200 lbs.

55-Minnesota Twins-Williams Jerez-OF-HS (New York)

Jerez is a raw high school player from New York, who played for Hank's Yanks, a team owned by Yankees owner Hank Steinbrenner. Jerez has good athleticism and a good body, and a strong arm as some team liked him more as a pitcher. He is very raw though.

56-Tampa Bay Rays-Larry Greene-OF-HS (Georgia)

Greene had 1st round buzz earlier in the spring and could still end up being a 1st rounder. He has very good raw power, but he is definitely raw. There are questions about his 4 other tools but he can hit the ball far.

57-Toronto Blue Jays-Derek Fisher-OF-HS (Pennsylvania)

Fisher is a very strong athlete who threw out a $2.25 million signing bonus to buy him out of his Virginia commitment. He has good raw power, but his plate discipline and swing and miss have been questioned.

58-San Diego Padres-Zach Cone-OF-Georgia

Cone is a very raw athlete, but he has loud tools. With 5 picks in the first 58 picks, I think the Padres will gamble that his tools will translate in pro ball.

59-Tampa Bay Rays-Travis Harrison-3B/OF-HS (California)

Harrison has been a tough guy to lock down. He has good power and a USC commitment. There are some questions about his athleticism as he'll likely need to move to LF or 1B in pro ball.

60-Tampa Bay Rays-Grayson Garvin-LHP-Vanderbilt

Garvin is a pitcher who doesn't have overwhelming stuff but does have good pitchability and should be a relatively cheap sign who could move quickly, mixed in with some of Tampa's more expensive and raw draftees.