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2011 Community Mock Draft Review: NL West

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Finishing up this project with the NL West....

National League West Mock Draft Review

Arizona Diamondbacks
1-3) Danny Hultzen, LHP, Virginia
1-7) Francisco Lindor, SS, Florida HS
1-S43) Jorge Lopez, RHP, Puerto Rico HS
2) Adam Conley, LHP, Washington State
3) J.R. Graham, RHP, Santa Clara
COMMENT: I like this one. Hultzen seems a lock to Arizona if the Pirates don't take him. Lindor at 7 is a gamble since this is an unprotected pick and he has leverage, but if you can sign him it's a great combination. Then you have three very intriguing arms, the super-projectable Lopez, and a pair of live-armed college guys, probably destined for the bullpen, with Graham particularly intriguing with his 100 MPH fastball.

Colorado Rockies
1-20) Tyler Anderson, LHP, Oregon
1-S45) Cory Spangenberg, 2B-3B, Indian River CC
2) Kyle Crick, RHP, Texas HS
3) Kyle Gaedele, OF, Valparaiso
COMMENT: Wide variety here. Anderson is polished and should reach the majors fairly quickly. Spangenberg's pure hitting skills are getting him into the teens in some mocks, so he could be a steal at 45. Crick will need time but is a plus upside arm, while Gaedele is a toolsy outfielder from the college ranks with power and speed. Diversification is good.

Los Angeles Dodgers
1-16) Jose Fernandez, RHP, Florida HS
2) Jace Peterson, SS, McNeese State University
3) Erik Johnson, RHP, University of California
COMMENT: The Dodgers SD didn't show up, so I did this one. The concept was to keep Logan White's traditional focus on power arms and athleticism, but do it with guys who can be signed for slot money given the financial constraints imposed by MLB. Fernandez and Johnson are big, throw hard, and should be signable, while Peterson is a superior athlete who has more polish than expected given his football background.

San Diego Padres
1-10) Jed Bradley, LHP, Georgia Tech
1-25) Blake Swihart, C, New Mexico HS
1-S48) Jason Esposito, 3B, Vanderbilt
1-S54) Kevin Comer, RHP, New Jersey HS
1-S58) Logan Verrett, RHP, Baylor
2) Tony Zych, RHP, Louisville
3) Jason Coates, OF, TCU
COMMENT: This class would be expensive but worth it. Bradley is fine for me at 10, while Swihart's booming bat will likely require an over-slot bonus at 25. Esposito has the glove for third base and might hit, but Comer is another signability risk with upside. I like Verrett a lot, Zych could thrive in relief, and Coates is solid across-the-board.

San Francisco Giants
1-29) Tyler Beede, RHP, Massachusetts HS
1-49) Brad Miller, SS, Clemson
2) Riley Moore, C, California HS
3) Cory Mazzoni, RHP, North Carolina State
COMMENT: Good balance here: one prep arm, one prep bat, one college arm, one college bat. Beede seems like he would do well in the Giants system if they can buy him out of Vandy, Miller represents an on-base threat, Moore strikes me as underrated in the scouting press, and Mazzoni is very polished and could move quickly. Looks good to me.