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2011 MLB Draft: Seattle Mariners Review

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2011 MLB Draft: Seattle Mariners Review

Everybody thought the Mariners would take either Gerrit Cole or Anthony Rendon, whoever the Pirates didn't take. Instead they passed on Rendon's wounded wing and selected Virginia ace  Danny Hultzen, surprising everyone. There is more to the draft than the first round, though.

1) Danny Hultzen, LHP, Virginia: Low-to-mid-90s fastball from the left side, with a great changeup and an improved slider, combined with outstanding command, enabled him to dominate the college game. Should fit nicely into the rotation behind Felix Hernandez and Michael Pineda. Huge bonus demands.

2) Brad Miller, SS, Clemson: Potential steal in the second round if his pure hitting approach, on-base skills and gap power translate properly into pro ball. Many scouts think he'll stay at shortstop.

3) Kevin Cron, 1B, Arizona HS: Brother of Angels pick C.J. Cron and a very similar hitter, just not as polished due to the age difference.

3S) Carter Capps, RHP, Mount Olive: Small college guy with outstanding statistical profile, tremendous K/BB ratios based on strong command of 90-95 MPH fastball, slider, curve, and changeup.

4) John Hicks, C, Virginia: Hultzen's batterymate has a decent bat and average defense. This looks like a slight overdraft to me but maybe it will make Hultzen 0.5% more likely to sign.

5) Tyler Martlette, C, Florida HS: Superior prospect to Hicks, better long-term projection on both offense and defense, but will need time to develop. Might cost $$ to sign away from Central Florida.

6) James Zamarripa, OF, California HS: Toolsy, speedy, good glove, lacks power at this point.

7) Steve Proscia, 3B, Virginia: Another Cavalier. Good arm, has power, defense needs polish at third base.

8) Carson Smith, RHP, Texas State: Big-time heat in mid-90s, could easily have gone several rounds higher, though mechanics are weird. Slider and changeup are also quality pitches. Great value here.

9) Cavan Cohoes, SS, Germany: Very raw athlete, attends high school on an American army base making him eligible for the draft. No idea what they have here, he could develop into anything.

10) Dan Paolini, 2B, Siena: Very good power for a second baseman, but glove is shaky and he may end up in the outfield.

OTHERS OF NOTE: LHP Cameron Hobson (11th round, Dayton) has exceptional command of decent stuff. OF Mike McGee (15th round, Florida State) has mediocre tools but exceptional makeup and plays well on a big stage. 2B Dillon Hazlett (20th round, Emporia State) is fast, has power, and destroyed small college competition.

SUMMARY: All the attention is on Hultzen, but Miller and Cron are fine picks as well and there are several choices that provide good value for their slots, Marlette and Smith in particular. Cohoes is an intriguing gamble.