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2011 Baseball Mock Draft: Supplemental Round

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Continuing with a Mock 2011 Draft, with the Supplemental First Round


34) Nationals (Dunn): Dwight Smith, OF, Georgia HS: Pure hitter with  major league bloodlines, provide some balance to the two college pitchers earlier in the draft.

35) Blue Jays (for Scott Downs): Jackie Bradley Jr, OF, South Carolina: Even with the injury this is far enough for him to fall.

36) Red Sox (Martinez): Anthony Meo, RHP, Coastal Carolina: Power arm with Northeast connections and a good value here.

37) Rangers (Lee): Dillon Howard, RHP, Arkansas HS: Projectable high school arm too good to pass here.

38) Rays (Soriano): Matthew Purke, LHP, TCU: You draft him, see how his arm responds, then see if you really want him. At worst you've used up one of your huge number of picks and get compensated next year.

39) Phillies (for Jayson Werth): Brandon Nimmo, OF, Wyoming HS: The Phillies prefer tools and Nimmo has plenty of those. Cold-weather background but should still go high enough to buy out of college at Arkansas.

40) Red Sox (Beltre): Jason Esposito, 3B, Vanderbilt: Another college guy with local ties for Boston but upside to go with it.

41) Rays (Crawford): Trevor Story, SS, Texas HS: Cron and Michael balance college affordability with talent while Purke is an upside gamble. Here you return to regular Rays approach with a toolsy high school shortstop.

42) Rays (for Grant Balfour): Hudson Boyd, RHP, Florida HS: Local talent with supplemental first-round ability and should still be signable here.

43) Diamondbacks (for Adam LaRoche): Andrew Chafin, LHP, Kent State: Signing Hultzen and Barnes won't be cheap, but Chafin fits well here on talent and affordability and provides another strong college arm to reinforce system.

44) Mets (for Pedro Feliciano): James McCann, C, University of Arkansas: Good defender with a chance to hit, and the Mets need catching.

45) Rockies (for Octavio Dotel): Phil Evans, INF, California HS: Could probably still be signed away from San Diego State here and would be a potential bargain. Would be a first round pick in some drafts.

46) Blue Jays (for John Buck): Cory Spangenberg, 3B, Indian River CC: Best pure hitter left on the board, good balance for high school hitter Baez and college hitter Bradley.

47) White Sox (for J.J. Putz): J.R. Graham, RHP, Santa Clara. The White Sox are always tough to read and the farm system needs everything. Graham could go a lot higher than this.

48) Padres (for Jon Garland): Michael Kelly, RHP, Florida HS: High-upside guy to go with Springer and Anderson from the college ranks.

49) Giants (for Juan Uribe): Jorge Lopez, RHP, Puerto Rico HS: Doesn't get mentioned often enough, but Lopez has a very projectable upside arm that would fit perfectly with the Giants.

50) Twins (for Orlando Hudson): Grayson Garvin, LHP, Vanderbilt: Polished lefty fits the Twins mold.

51) Yankees (for Javier Vazquez): Kevin Comer, RHP, New Jersey HS: High upside, won't be cheap to sign away from Vanderbilt, but the Yankees have the money and he's local.

52) Rays (for Brad Hawpe): Zach Cone, OF, University of Georgia: Outstanding athlete which attracts the Rays, but affordable to sign.

53) Blue Jays (for Kevin Gregg): Adam Conley, LHP, Washington State: Power lefty converted to rotation after relieving last year. Could easily go 10 spots higher.

54) Padres (for Yorvit Torrealba): Joe Ross, RHP, California HS: Power arm similar to his older brother Tyson Ross. Another one who could easily go much higher.

55) Twins (for Jesse Crain): Ryan Carpenter, LHP, Gonzaga: Big lefty would go 30 spots higher in some drafts.

56) Rays (for Joaquin Benoit): Julius Gaines, SS, Georgia HS: Athletic shortstop with slick glove and developing bat.

57) Blue Jays (for Miguel Olivo): Dillon Maples, RHP, North Carolina HS: Upside guy to mix with earlier picks.

58) Padres (for Kevin Correia): Garrett Buechele, 3B, University of Oklahoma. This would seem like a big stretch six months ago but it is entirely plausible now given his hitting with the new metal bat and solid defense.  

59) Rays (for Randy Choate): Jack Armstrong, RHP, Vanderbilt: Seems like the kind of guy who would thrive in the Rays organization.

60) Rays (for Chad Qualls): Tony Zych, RHP, University of Louisville: College closer looked great in the Cape Cod League last year.

So, if you were a Rays fan, would you be happy with a haul of Robert Stephenson, C.J. Cron, Levi Michael, Matthew Purke, Trevor Story, Hudson Boyd, Zach Cone, Julius Gaines, Jack Armstrong, and Tony Zych? Is that balanced and affordable enough and does it seem like something that could happen?

What about the Jays take of Javier Baez, Jackie Bradley, Cory Spangenberg, Adam Conley, and Dillon Maples?  The other multiple draft classes?