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What Players Are You Confident In?

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In the final Draft Tracker (sub req'd) of the year, the writers at Baseball America each talked about a "gut feel guy" they thought would be a successful guy from their area  in. I found this to be a very interesting read and I pass the same question on to you, MLBBB community.

I think the most interesting way would be to break this down into 3 categories:

1-Who is a player projected to go on the 1st day that you have a good gut feeling about ?

2-Who is a player projected to go on the 2nd day that you have a good gut feeling about?

3-Who do you think will be the biggest steal of the draft?

And of course there is the corollary

4-Who is a player projected to go on the 1st day that you have a bad gut feeling about?

5-Who is a player projected to go on the 2nd day that you have a bad gut feeling about?

6-Who will be the biggest reach in the draft


My answers

1-Javier Baez-SS-HS (Florida)

I like Baez because he projects to be a good pure hitter with solid power. He also has solid athleticism and while he won't be a SS in the majors. he's also not a good who will need to shift to 3B or 2B immediately upon entering pro ball. There are some attitude concerns but I don't think they're a huge deal. Baez does seem like on of the more polarizing players in this draft.

2-Sam Stafford-LHP-Texas

Stafford has good stuff, including a mid 90's fastball and a sharp curveball, but he hasn't been able to put it all together and mix in the command. Still he has 3 pitches (FB, CB, SL) and if he can improve his control he could be a very good pitcher in pro ball.

3-Andrew Susac-C-Oregon St

Susac had a strong year and pushed him into top 20 consideration before he injured his wrist. Now he seems more like a guy who will go in the latter half of the 1st round. I don't think Susac will be a star, but I think he'll be a solid regular at catcher, as he has a good glove and a decent bat.


4-Anthony Meo-RHP-Coastal Carolina

Meo is a guy with 2 very good pitches, and below average command yet he hasn't put it all together and hasn't dominated hitters. For example, he has less K's per 9 than Sam Stafford and Stafford pitches in a tougher conference. Now I'm not saying Stafford is a better prospect, just that Meo is somewhat disappointing and I wouldn't really want my team to take him on Day 1.

5-Austin Wood-RHP-USC

Wood was drafted in the 4th round by the Rays last year and he will likely move up a round or 2 this year. Wood has a very good fastball, but unfortunately he doesn't have much else. He has a breaking ball that could be average and he also has a change up although it's not very good. Basically Wood sounds like a reliever to me and I wouldn't touch a reliever until the 4th or 5th round.

6-Larry Greene-OF-HS (Georgia)

Greene has been getting a lot of helium lately for his big time power. He is also still very raw and not a great defensive OF, so his bat will need to carry him. Reading about him, the first name I thought of was Astros farmhand Telvin Nash, who was a 3rd round pick in the 2009 draft.