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Welcome Two New Members to the MLB Bonus Baby Team

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Jeff Sullivan, Future Scout Sully, will be joining the MLB Bonus Baby team to provide first hand information on the best players in the nation. Over the summer he will attend many of the top high school showcase events as well as attending Team USA and the Cape Cod League for collegiate talent. He has 6 years of experience scouting so he has a good handle on how the talent varies from season to season. Along with video and reporting on the players he sees, he also offers a personal touch. He has interviewed some of the top talents that are available for the draft this season and will continue to do this here at MLBBB in the future. Welcome Jeff to the fold! 

Jeff Reese, jar75, will also be joining the site as an author. Jeff already posts weekly updates via FanShots but will now be a contributing author and our collegiate expert. His weekly update will now be a front page staple. This is not all he will offer, as he knows how the prospect landscape as well as anyone. He is a great addition to the site and will add extremely informative information and another great voice to the blog. Please welcome Jeff as an author here as well!