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After talking to SB Nation about the response to my transition to Minor League Ball, they decided to let me continue a little while longer here at MLBBB. Since I took over, I haven't been able to post often and that is crucial to the success of a blog. Traffic is the lifeblood and the MLB Draft doesn't have a ton of fans right now but I see it as a growth market. But I can't do it alone. Over the next week, I hopefully will be adding a few authors to bring their own expertise and knowledge. There are a lot of talented individuals who write about the draft but it is hard to get traffic to blogs. That is one great advantage of SB Nation. The community is here, we just need to provide great information to you and we will. I want this to be the best MLB Draft blog on the internet and I think that is possible.

Keep coming back, tell your friends and spread the word because instead of the end of MLBBB, it is just the beginning.