Danny Hultzen vs Mark Pope

Went to the UVA/Ga Tech game tonight in Atlanta and sat amongst the scouts as a couple of potential first rounders were facing off on the bump.

Game started two hours late due to the engineering school being unable to keep the lights on. It was all pitching for the first few innings. Pope started out with 5 Ks to the first 6 hitters and only allowed one hit through 5. He was sitting around 90-91 with FB and mixing in a big bending CB as a strikeout/swing-and-miss pitch. He has a kind of gimmicky delay in his windup after he brings his hands over his head; whatever the reason, he was very tough for UVA to pick up the first time through the lineup.

Hultzen was sitting 93-94, with several pitches at 95-96, and a nasty 87mph slider to left handers. He was perfect through 3 2/3 until walking Skole, tech's best hitter, but got out of the fourth by striking out Jake Davies with two runners on.

Tech got on the board first in the fifth with a single just under Hultzen's glove, a double to left, and a great bunt by Kyle Wren (Braves GM Frank's son) down the third base line. Hultzen did get out of the inning allowing just the one run, but appeared to be tiring.

Meanwhile, Pope was tiring. After being untouchable for three innings, UVA began to put wood (metal?) on the ball in the fourth and fifth, and got to him in the seventh. With his fastball topping out 87-88, he relied more on his offspeed pitches, and hung a changeup to David Coleman who took it over the right field wall.

Hultzen came back strong in the sixth, getting his fastball back into the mid 90s and striking out the side. We left after the seventh since it was already after 11 and my five year old daughter was hitting the wall. Still a great game with two quality starting pitchers.

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