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Michigan vs Indiana Game Notes

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Top 2011 Guys

Alex Dickerson, LF, Indiana

Dickerson is a likely first rounder, likely a mid first round guy. In this game, he reached base 4 times including hitting a double. He didn't get to show off too much at the plate, but he was clearly the best hitter in the game. He is an average defensive LF with an average arm for LF. Nothing special. He has good instincts on the bases, though he isn't fast. The team that takes him will likely have an MLB regular in Dickerson

Blake Monar, LHP, Indiana

He pitched well in his 7 innings. He threw over 100 pitches and K'd 10. Most of the K's were looking at a backdoor breaking ball that he used expertly. He threw an effective changeup as well. In the 5th inning he surprised me by dropping down and throwing a sidearm slider. It only worked once and was nothing more than a trick pitch. He's 6'1, 195 LBS and from other reports sits 88-91 with the fastball. Overall, he looked like a back of the rotation type of guy in the majors. He's an athletic guy at 6'2, 205 and should get taken in the 6th-10th round.

John Lorenz, 3B, Michigan

Defensively he was kind of stiff and didn't look real solid at 3B. At the plate, the 6'3", 208 LB junior he had a couple very good at bats and showed some power hitting several balls hard including a double off the wall that could have been a HR in other parks. He may not have the defense to stick at 3B and likely won't have the bat to be a 1B.

Coley Crank, C, Michigan

He was the starting catcher for Michigan. He had good defensive actions and a solid arm behind the dish, picking a player off of first on a missed bunt attempt at one point. He should get looked at later in the draft.

Derek Dennis, SS, Michigan

Dennis didn't play and I was a little disappointed not to see him, but maybe next time.

Others of note

Michael O'Neill, RF, Michigan

He is a good defensive RF with a good arm and above average instincts. He is a good hitter, hitting just above .300 as a freshman. He doesn't look like he will have huge power but he could at least have average power once he gains more strength. He has above average speed and has good baseball instincts. He has baseball bloodlines as he is the nephew of Paul O' Neill. He has the most potential of any player on Michigan.

Patrick Biondi, SS, Michigan

He is a speedy sophomore with a short quick line drive swing. He won't have much power but he can get on base and turn a walk into a triple. He knew what counts to run on and got good jumps.

Dustin Demuth, SS, Indiana

The freshman had a very nice swing at the plate. He had 4 hits in this game, so it was hard not to pay attention to him.