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Four Top Junior College Prospects for 2011 Draft

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Top Junior College Prospects for 2011 Draft
My impression is that the JC/CC talent pool is down this year, though this may only be in comparison to the ultra-rich high school and four-year college ranks. There are only a handful of two-year guys currently projected to get into the top two rounds, although I expect more names will pop up as we get into May and early June. Some teams scout the two-year ranks more aggressively than others, and their information is often kept close-to-the-vest. It is common to see last-second buzz for two-year players, and I think that will be especially true this year.
I'm still researching pitching but here are four hitters to pay attention to.

Brian Goodwin, OF, Miami-Dade CC: 6-1, 190., hits left. Toolsy transfer from North Carolina, moved over to Miami-Dade due to academic ineligibility, making him draft-eligible a year early. Hitting .367 with.474 OBP, 31 walks in 139 at-bats, 13 steals and eight homers so far. His speed/patience combination combined with some power makes him attractive, but he's still considered rather raw at the plate. Would be a first-round candidate in some drafts and could still get there, though more probably a supplemental round pick. VIDEO (from 2010):

Roderick Shoulders, 1B, State College of Florida: 6-2, 225, hits left. Hitting .301 with 13 homers, .379 OBP, 24 walks in 186 at-bats. Big-time power potential, was a 20th-round pick by the Red Sox in 2010 but didn't sign, and should go much earlier this year. I don't think he'll go before the fourth round but the power upside is impressive, and it is hard to find a better baseball name than "Roderick Shoulders." VIDEO (2011):

Cory Spangenberg, 3B, Indian River State JC (FL): 6-1, 190, hits left. Polished hitter with good plate discipline, should hit for average with some power, makeup is highly-regarded. Main question is future position, as not everyone believes he'll stick at third base. Committed to Miami-Florida if he doesn't sign this year. Hitting .478 with .557 OBP, four homers in 159 at-bats, 29 steals in 33 attempts. Being rumored as second round target.

Keenyn Walker, OF, Central Arizona CC: Bats Both, 6-3, 185. Drafted by the Cubs in the 16th round in 2009 but didn't sign. Toolsy, athletic, very fast, some power potential, has strikeout issues and is still rather raw, but toolsy enough to go on first day. Committed to Utah if he doesn't sign. Hitting .421/.513/.622 with 28 walks, 35 strikeouts in 164 at-bats, 49 steals in 52 attempts. VIDEO (from 2010):