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Matt Purke's Shoulder Soreness

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Matt Purke is going to see the great Dr. James Andrews today in Birmingham, Alabama to see what is wrong with his shoulder after a considerable velocity decrease. He could just have tendinitis or bursitis and that could be cured with rest and a cortisione injection. That is best case scenario. Worst case scenario, Dr. Andrews may need to operate and that could end Purke's season and put his draft status in serious question. He already could be looking at sliding out of the 1st round after entering the season as the 2nd or 3rd best prospect in this years draft.

Much of his long term future depends on the outcome of his meeting today. If there is any significant damage in his shoulder, it could seriously hinder his future as shoulders are much harder to repair and heal compared to the elbow. He may still be a future top of the rotation pitcher, or he may be looking at rehab and serious questions about his recovery and his future.