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Nebraska Freshman Suspended Due to NCAA Rules Violation

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Logan Ehlers was the 8th round pick by the Toronto Blue Jays this summer. He reportedly turned down an $800,000 offer from them and that is part of the problem. Ehlers had an advisor, as any intelligent person would have when confronted to with decision that involves a life changing sum of money. The problem is that it is a violation of NCAA rules. Apparently the NCAA thinks that making that decision should be easy and to conform to their rules is best. This is just another failure on the part of the NCAA. They have done this before with James Paxton, Jeremy Sowers and many others. The NCAA really needs to fix thier problems if they want to stand a chance to gain new fans. I have tried hard the last year and a half to be more of a college baseball fan, not just a prospect fan, but things like this really push me away.

More about the situation can be read in a great article by Aaron Fitt here.