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2011 Baseball Draft: College Pitchers, Part Two

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Here are some more college pitchers who should or could go in the first round or supplemental round of the 2011 draft.

I had originally organized this alphabetically and have stuck with it for this report, Meo through Wilson. But there are several other guys I want to write about and I'll produce a "supplemental" report for them, posted either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

 Anthony Meo, RHP, Coastal Carolina: 6-2, 190 pound right-hander. So far, is 2-2, 3.50 ERA with 36/15 K/BB in 36 innings, 33 hits allowed. Statistical profile is not as strong as some of these other guys, but he's got first-round stuff with a power sinking fastball at 94-96 MPH and a plus slider. His changeup and command need work and relief conversion is on tap, but in most drafts his arm would get him into the first round easily. He might slip due to the depth of this draft but still shouldn't last past the supplemental round.

Alex Meyer, RHP, University of Kentucky: Huge at 6-9, 220 pounds, righthander. So far, 3-3, 3.05 ERA with 54/21 K/BB in 41 innings, 30 hits. Composite ERA in Kentucky games is about 4.75 so he is pitching quite well for context, although the walk rate is rather high. Mid-90s fastball and above-average curve stand out, but command and mechanical issues keep him from Gerrit Cole/Sonny Gray status. A certain first-round pick in most drafts, might drop to supplemental in this one but upside is impressive. VIDEO

Josh Osich, LHP, Oregon State: 6-3, 225 pound lefty. A Tommy John survivor and on a short leash so far, has just 23 innings in six starts, but with a 2.74 ERA and a 28/10 K/BB.  Appears healthy, up to 97 MPH at times, outstanding for a lefty. Good changeup. Reports indicate he is just now working his breaking ball back into the arsenal as the injury fades into the background. A wild card on draft day: the injury and command issues will keep him out of the first round, but he could go soon after if teams are convinced he's fully recovered. Upside is quite high. VIDEO:  

Mark Pope, RHP, Georgia Tech: 6-2, 205 pound right-hander. So far, 6-0 in six starts, 0.59 ERA, 41/5 K/BB in 46 innings, 29 hits. Has pitched better than more-heralded teammate Jed Bradley, although scouts prefer southpaw Bradley. Pope works with a low 90s fastball and a decent slider, curve, and change. His best attribute is excellent command. Not a first rounder under 2011 conditions, but would make a nice supplemental pick.

Matt Purke, LHP, Texas Christian: 6-4, 180 pound draft-eligible sophomore. So far, 3-1 in five starts, 1.17 ERA with 29/7 K/BB in 23 innings, 16 hits. Expected to be a Top Five pick pre-season but stock has dropped slightly due to blister problems, limited innings, and reports of his stuff being not-as-good-as last year. I want to see what happens in April and May with this one. He could still go very high in the draft and on a per-inning basis his numbers are fine, but there's some chance he could slip to lower in the round. Note that he has extra leverage as a sophomore. VIDEO (from last year):

Noe Ramirez, RHP, Cal State Fullerton: 6-3, 180 pound right-hander. So far, 4-2, 2.36 ERA with 49/9 K/BB in 42 innings, 28 hits. Lack of plus fastball keeps him out of first round, but strong feel for pitching and changing speeds and positive statistical performance could get him drafted soon after, especially if a team with multiple picks wants to save a bit of money.

John Stilson, RHP, Texas A&M: 6-4, 190 pound right-hander. Just 1-1, but with a 1.05 ERA and a 46/10 K/BB in 43 innings, 33 hits allowed. Threw 99 MPH when used as a reliever in the past, but works at 89-94 as a starter, with plus movement. Mixes in a nasty slider, good changeup and workable curve, all with movement. Still working to keep his mechanics consistent. My take is that he'll be a "backup" option for a lot of teams if their first choice comes off the board early. I see him in the second half of the first round but he is a guy who could slip to the early supplemental under certain conditions. He could also go in the Top Ten if someone really loves him.

Logan Verrett, RHP, Baylor: 6-3, 180 pound right-hander. So far, 3-1, 3.44 ERA with a 43/10 K/BB in 37 innings, 35 hits. Composite ERA in Baylor games is 4.85, so numbers are quite good for context. Fastball in 90-93 MPH range, both slider and changeup are potential plus pitches and he's a good athlete. Has received less attention than many other guys but would be a first round candidate some years. Could go in the supplemental round.

Tyler Wilson, RHP, University of Virginia: 6-2, 190 pound righthander. So far, 2.27 ERA with 45/9 K/BB in 36 innings, 28 hits. Wilson is a senior and was drafted in the 35th round last year. Fastball in the 88-91 range keeps him from being a first round candidate, but he throws strikes, changes speeds, knows how to pitch, and could end up being a nice senior pick. Like Noe Ramirez, someone looking to save some money might pick Wilson sooner than anticipated. VIDEO:

OTHER REPORTS UPCOMING for Andrew Chafin, LHP, Kent State; Adam Conley, LHP, Washington State; Brian Dupra, RHP, Notre Dame; Cole Green, RHP, Texas.  .